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As part of the Waterford Film for All showings (a local film club in Waterford City, Ireland), The Reader was re-shown last evening in Storm Cinemas due to demand.

The Reader was not what I expected – I’m not a fan of films based around Nazi Germany or indeed of World War II, but this film approached the subject very well. However some critics said the movie trivialised the war crimes which occurred (perhaps on some level there is a point there).

Essentially, The Reader is a story of a young boy and a woman who have a brief affair during the summer of 1953. She likes being read to and rewards the boy 🙂 for reading to her. Without spoilng the plot the film leaps between 1995, 1966 and 1970’s as the boy becomes a lawyer and ends up being at the trial where his former lover is being tried for war crimes.

This movie won many awards and it is easy to see why – very watchable and a good storyline. So many times movies like this fail to engage with me and I find that I am upset by the content or the way in which the subject matter is dealt with. It can be too graphic, it can be insensitive or so factually incorrect that it looses all meaning. The Reader is none of these things and is a very well shot and well directed move which is worth a watch.

Stars Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes – Running time 124 mins. Rated 16s.

Overall : 9/10

The Reader Trailer – Warning Might have Spoilers



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