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Little Britain Nationwide TV Advert featuring England Team

I saw this on TV last night an just thought it was a brialliant advert. It features the England Team and the cast of Little Britian. Sense of Humour and great placement of the Nationwide logo makes for a great advert.

I Know this is a short post but sometimes a picture (in this case a video) is worth a thousand words.

I’ve Got the Leaving by Colm and Jim Jim

I heard this the other morning on the Colm and Jim Jim breakfast show on 2FM and I thought it was hilarious.
Its a re-work of the Black Eyes Peas song “I’ve gotta feeling” but for those doing the Leaving Cert.



I pity this years leaving cert students, with the World Cup starting during the Leaving Cert – must be hard to study with such distractions as Facebook, World Cup and of course with the Leaving Cert starting in a few days we can be guaranteed some good weather too!

Best of luck to all sitting this year !

Smoking 2 Year Old Infant Video

I heard this on the radio and thought it was made up but apparently this Indonesian toddler, only 2 years old, is smoking.

No point in dragging out the suspense – here is the video. (The orginal video was withdrawn by YouTube so I uploaded this video instead)

I think it is terrible – this video of the smoking toddler is sparking outrage on the web. According to the boy’s parents, the smoking toddler goes through two packs a day and throws temper tantrums if he’s not allowed to smoke. (most children get tantrums but we don’t give them cigarettes)

His father apparently got him hooked after letting him take his first puff of a cigarette at 18 months

iPhone 4G – Preview Video of the New 4G iPhone ?

The iPhone 4G is rumoured to be released in June 2010. The New 4G iPhone will come after the release of the iPhone 3GS which had 2x speed, a video auto-focus camera and voice recognition, as well as on the success of Apple’s launch of the recent iPad.

The new iPhone 4G is also rumoured to be called the iPhone HD and may have HD capabilities. It is also rumoured to have a forward facing camera, ideal for Skype video calls, and may be a bit longer / thinner than the 3GS iPhone.

This is an interesting concept of the New iPhone 4G

Other iPhone Rumours include

  • The iPhone 4G will have an RFID antenna so you can scan products and use the phone as something such as an Oyster card.
  • The iPhone 4G will have an OLED screen for a brighter, higher resolution screen which goes along with a HD iPhone for the 4G
  • The iPhone 4G will have more storage – which makes sense possibly 64Gb or 128Gb
  • The iPhone HD will have a 16:9 screen – ideal for video
  • The iPhone 4G will have an LED camera / video flash and will be >5 megapixels
  • The iPhone release date for the 4G iPhone is June

Nobody knows if these iPhone 4G rumours are correct but time will tell.

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth on 3/4/10. This is an excellent video and really worth watching. Chris Kamara seems to think they were making a substitution and is totally flummuxed when they tell him that he missed the sending off. The first 25 seconds are just class!
(Many Thanks to Greg for telling me about this!!)