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Website Traffic during World Cup – Top Stories and Keywords

Now that the World Cup is over, I’ve been looking at the website stats for my website. Overall, the World Cup saw an almost 200% increase in web traffic as people searched for match information and also running commentary of games in progress.

For the duration of the World Cup, June 12th to July 12th I had 63,100 Visitors to the site and 126,900 pages viewed. So for this year there have been 394,000 visitors to the site and over 854,000 page views generated – and hopefully there should be a quarter of a million visitors to the site, and 1,600,000 page views by the end of the year.

During the last month I would have thought World Cup topics would overtake other search terms on the site but not necessarily.

The top queries to this site were as follows – the keywords are linked if you want to read the actual sections they refer to.

Top 5 Referring Search Queries
4g iphone release date ireland / 4g iphone release date england / 4g iphone release date netherlands
keyboard chords list / basic keyboard chords / easy piano chords
guitar chords list / guitar minor and major chords
queen discography
reading music for beginners

There were also some news items or local events which showed.

Top Search Queries in the News
carlow to kilkenny motorway opening time / m9 kilkenny opening date
iphone signal calculation
vou vou zela / vous vous zela

It seems that the popularity of the iPhone is mapped likewise onto the web and it shows how many people are  searching for iPhone related items. With the iPhone 4G being released this month in Ireland and UK websites which have iPhone related information will see a rise in traffic.

Spain v Holland – Score Predictions for World Cup Final

With the final game of the World Cup taking place tomorrow, trying to predict who will win is a lot easier thanks to the psychic octopus, Paul the Octopus who has said that Spain will win tomorrow in the World Cup Final.

I think the game will be a very tight affair but unless Holland can strike early, Spain should come out as winners.

So I think there will be 2 scenarios, Holland score in the first 20 minutes, then put 11 men behind the ball for 70 minutes (unlikely since Holland like to play total football) …. Spain could draw the match and it would go to extra time.


It remains 0-0 until about 65 minutes, Spain score, Holland then have to attack and leave themselves  open and Spain score again … so either 1-1 after 90 mins or 2-0 to Spain.

Score Predictions for Uruguay – Holland and Spain – Germany

Wednesday Update

You can see yesterdays post below! Holland did win but not to the score I predicted.

Spain v Germany Score Predictions

I still think Germany will win, however, Paul the Octopus has predicted a Spain win and I did have a dream last night that Spain won 2-0 … so not sure what you would make of that! I would like to see Germany win , possibly 3-1 with Ozil as the first scorer – thats my bet of the day… a long shot I know but did anyone think before the world cup that New Zealand would finish above Italy, and that France would fail to qualify from the group stages?

Original Post

As we get down to the last 4, I think these are easier to call, personally I think Holland & Germany will progress.

I’ll keep it short… my predictions for today are;

Uruguay – Holland : Holland to Win 2-0 (Van Persie with both)
Odds : 6-1 for a Holland 2-0 win if you are putting on a bet

Spain – Germany : Germay to Win 3-1 (This might even be 4-1 as the boss for Germany will be wearing his lucky blue jumper which he hasn’t washed as he thinks its lucky!)

Germany to win 4-1 is 80-1 which is not as long a shot as you might think!

Breaking News – Tuesday 6th July
German “psychic” Octopus, Paul the Octopus (or Paul der Octopus as he is known in Germany), has chosen Spain to beat Germany in tomorrow’s World Cup semi final – Spain v Germany.

Score Predictions for Netherlands v Brazil and Uruguay v Ghana

A very quick post with my score predictions for Netherlands v Brazil and Uruguay v Ghana. Maybe a shock on the cards today !

I think Netherlands might give Brazil a run for their money, I think Brazil will score first, Holland will equalise and it will go to Extra time. From here – anything can happen so I’m just saying 1-1 after 90 mins (stiiting on fence with qualifier – possibly Holland as anything can happen in extra time!)

I think Ghana might have enough to get past Uruguay, in spirit alone, wanting to be the first African nation to progress past this stage. I think Uruguay 0 – 2 Ghana with the second Ghana goal coming late in the match.

Kick off is only 7 mins away … here we go!

World Cup Score Predictions – Friday June 25th

With the last of the World Group Matches today there are some matches which could have the possibility of an upset.

North Korea v Ivory Coast
No chance of an upset here, I can’t see North Korea doing anything only losing.
Ivory Coast need a good few goals to stand a chance of qualifying.
I think Ivory Coast should win this one by 3 or 4 clear goals.

Portugal v Brazil
This is where we might see an upset – Brazil looked good in the past few matches and if they take Portugal lightly I think it could end a draw or Portugal might even edge it.
I’m Sitting on the fence ; 1-1 draw.

Chile v Spain
Spain, favorites at the start of the World Cup, need to win and I think should win if they get on top of their game.
Chile 0 – Spain 2 (or 3)

Switzerland v Honduras
Switzerland need to win to stand a chance. They could put a few past Honduras and if they win by 2 more goals than Spain, they will qualify even if Spain win.
Switzerland 3 – 0 Honduras