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M9 Motorway from Waterford to Dublin Completed and Open Today

After many years of waiting, Waterford has a Motorway connection to Dublin. The final section of the M9 Motorway will open at 11am this morning between Danesfort and the South Carlow Section around Powerstown.  The completed M9 Motorway will strip 20 minutes off the journey time between Dublin and Waterford, bringing the driving time to under two hours.

Web Searches for M9

Over the past few days there has been a huge increase in the searches for M9 and related queries on my website. I have gone into Google Analytics and had a look at what people are searching for – obviously with the SERPs hitting my website & blog.

For a bit of light hearted humour, I have outlined the search results and also the one line responses for each search engine query … obviously people were looking for answers on the M9 opening, so here you are.

Yes, The M9 is completed today.
to dublin motorway
Yes the M9 goes from Waterford to Dublin
of the m9 motorway in september 2010
The Opening of the M9 takes place today
at 11am
opening kilkenny carlow
see above…
Yes, it will
opening September
Yes, 9th September at 11am
kilkenny carlow
Kilkenny to Carlow journey time will be
The announcement of the opening of the
M9 was on KCLR
motorway opening
That’s today!
of M9 motorway
Takes place today at 11am – keep up !
motorway opening date
Once more that would be opening today
at 11am.

It will be interesting to see if the spike in website traffic will be the same as it was when the M9 Waterford to Danesfort section, or the New Waterford Bridge opened.

What it Means to be Listed again

What it Means to be Listed again

Just a demonstration of where the traffic on the site was, compared to where it is today.

The image below is from Statcounter, the green line is PageViews and the Blue is Visitors.

Traffic Details for the past 30 days - view the most recent days, and traffic is up over 340%

Traffic Details for the past 30 days – view the most recent days, and traffic is up over 340%

I’m just glad this is finished with and I can start adding a bit more content !



This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on

Listed again on Google

Listed again on Google

I had enough with waiting so I placed a nicely worded email on Google Webmaster tools explaining the issues with the domain/hosting in November (which caused to banned or penalised on Google and I was no longer Google Listed for the terms I was famous for).
That was Thursday … this morning I saw that for searches like “Don’t Stop me Now Chords” I was back at #1.

Traffic is up about 300% today which is great. I am Google Listed again after all this time.

I am Glad its sorted!

So if anyone else has had problems like being penalised on Google or find yourself no longer google listed, fix the problem, check the Google Webmaster Guidelines, ensure all items are being followed on your site, and then request Re-inclusion via the Google Webmaster Tools.

Nest thing for the site is to start adding some new content and new pictures.



This is an old post regarding Google penalised pages and lack of Google Listed pages on my website. This content which was originally on my old site and now resides here on, however over time the content may no longer be relevant.

Drop in Google Rankings

Drop in Google Rankings

For some reason the site is way down in the Google Rankings. The sites traffic has dropped from 4,000 page views per day to about 1,300 and Google only brings about 15% of the sites traffic compared to 80% in September last year.

It could have been placing and on the same server, when had Google Guideline problems – due to an SQL injection exploit on the previous servers.

Over the past 6 months I have had problems on both servers, leading to me moving to Blacknight, where all the problems has been resolved.

Anyway – I have submitted things to Google Webmaster Tools now so hopefully things will fix themselves in time.

Here’s hoping!