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World Cup Score Predictions – Wednesday June 23rd

Slovenia v England is the big match today. England must win and they probably will have enough to get past Slovenia, if they don’t then heads will roll as they should be up for this game, with all the hype and the past performances being highlighted within the camp. If they are ready, then they could do well today – if not, they may just scrape past Slovenia.

USA v Algeria could have an impact on England should England draw with Slovenia. USA look good so far and seem to have a good game plan. This could be another USA draw but if they keep the concentration and get an early goal they could win by a goal or two.

Australia v Serbia is a tough one to call; Australia have to bounce back after the German Hammering, but need to win today, Serbia might be too much for them. One goal will probably decide this game, most probably in Serbias favour.

Ghana v Germany is (or should be) a no brainer. Germany should have no problem in winning this game, unless they do a France and just fall apart which is 100/1 unlikely. Could be 3 or 4 in this one.

Score Predictions for todays games:

–   Slovenia 0 – 2 England

–   USA 1 – 0 Algeria

–   Australia 0 – 1 Serbia

–   Ghana 0 – 3 Germany

World Cup Predictions – Day 4

I decided to try do a few of these during the World Cup

Monday, 14 June 2010
FIFA World Cup

Italy v Paraguay, Gp F, 19:30
Italy should surely win this!
Italy 3 – Paraguay 0

Japan v Cameroon, Gp E, 15:00
Could be a boring draw but Cameroon should win this one.
Japan 0 – Cameroon 2

Netherlands v Denmark, Gp E, 12:30
Possibility for an upset here but if Netherlands play well it could be three or four goal rout.
Netherlands 1 – Denmark 0

Let’s see how this pans out, but I only got 3/2 matches right today … Ghana was a real surprise!

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth on 3/4/10. (Video)

This is an excellent video and really worth watching. Chris Kamara seems to think they were making a substitution and is totally flummuxed when they tell him that he missed the sending off. The first 25 seconds are just class!
(Many Thanks to Greg for telling me about this!!) Enjoy!

Liverpoor. Liverpools Season is Over !

Thats just Liverpoor… The game Liverpool just played against Wigan was dismal to say the least. Liverpools season now looks to be over after loosing more games this season than the previous 2 seasons combined. It was painful to watch tonights game and Wigan seemed to want to win it more. It could be a renewed call for Rafa to go after Liverpool lost 1-0 to Wigan ; Wigans first win in 8 games. Liverpool are a long way from the classic Liverpool of the mid 80’s. I don’t think there is much chance of them getting to the coveted 4th spot. I think it is now Villa who might get that spot, as they are playing well – the only distraction might be the FA Cup for them. It is just embarrassing for them now – or just plain Liverpoor!

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals ( YouTube Video)

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals (YouTube Video)

This is a great video from YouTube. The video below has 5 goals from various soccer games, but the goals themselves are really unusual. Behold, the Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals.

The goals were not scored in the usual way and are infact quite funny to watch. My favourite weird goals are the goals by Paolo Rossi, Italy (1978) and Roberto, Brazil (also 1978). Darren Andertons goal is also worth watching again due to the way the ball hits both posts before going in. Enjoy!

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals (YouTube)