– Site Design Updated – Site Design Updated

After about 2 years of the same design I have decided to update the design of the website.

New Design

New Design

I have used the design of the Blog (iTheme), as a basis for the design and have opted for a more CSS styled website.
There are still a few design bugs, some optimisations not yet done but the hard work of doing the transition has been done.

Using the Server Side Inicludes the transition to the new design only took about 9 minutes for the whole website.

Hard to believe the site is going nearly 10 years now and averaging about 1,900 visitors per day and about 4,500 page views daily. It still doesn’t come close to the 35,000 visitors per day which got at its peak.

There is also a small widget on the bottom of the site to help with social media, search, twittering, rss feeds, site translations etc.

I Hope all This Works !

I have just moved the whole server, and to an Irish Hosting Company – Blacknight. I was having problems on my US server, with HTTP redirects on the server which could not be tracked down so I had no choice to move.

The previous hosting company were excellent and great to deal with but when the site was suffering I had to bit the bullet and move now rather than have further problems.

If you see any problems on the site please let me know.

Now I can start working on new things to add to the site !!