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Zaika Indian Restaurant, London : Restaurant Review

Zaika Indian Restaurant, London : Restaurant Review

Zaika Indian Restaurant is located on Kensington High Street in London, just opposite Hyde Park. I stopped off here last September when in London on business and was very impressed with the restaurant which offers Indian cuisine incorporating both traditional classic favourites as well as a few original recipes (I’m only now getting around to posting my restaurant review for Zaika nearly 6 months later).Inside Zaika Restaurant - London

Inside you are welcomed to a very highly decorated and sumptuous interior with carved high ceilings and double height windows.

The menu is vast, and even for a lunch menu it was quite varied. I chose a Butter Chicken dish for my main. While I was waiting I got a pre-starter which was very tasty. I also ordered a Corriander Naan, and although it was not on the menu, they made one up for me. The main course of Butter Chicken was not what I expected; I was expecting more of a korma style sauce, instead it was a fusion style tomato based sauce and was like an Indian style pasta sauce … Don’t get me wrong, it was still very enjoyable and was served with a light pilau rice. As expected, in a UK Indian Restaurant, the dishes are a bit spicier than in Ireland. The portions are of a decent size, not too large but enough to fill adequately (as you can see below).

Butter Chicken at Zaika, London

The dinner experience here is apparently a very refined affair with low lighting, good music and a more extensive menu.

The one thing which was obvious was the service. At all times attentive and attention to detail and service is very personal – there was a French waiter the day I was there and he was chatty but not intrusive, leaving you to enjoy your meal.

I really enjoyed the food and the ambiance here, £20 for lunch and a drink is a bit much, but worth enjoying a great restaurant experience such as this. Definitely 5 stars for food and ambiance but 3 stars for value as I’m sure you can get an Indian Lunch menu for half the price but you may have to compromise on the end result.


No1 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7795 6533

Expert Pepper Pourers in Restaurants – Rant

Why, when you go to a restaurant can you not put pepper in your own meal?

Your meal arrives, the waiting staff go off and come back with a 3 foot long pepper grinder and ask if you want pepper. What’s the story?

1) Why is the pepper grinder ginormous?
2) Why can you not do it yourself?
3) Do these waiting staff have to do a Post-graduate Masters Degree OR PhD in Pepper Dispensing?

It’s just silly!


Kam Wok Asian Cuisine, Cavan – Restaurant Review

On a recent visit to Cavan, we found it hard to locate restaurants (especially on a Sunday evening), but were lucky to find the Kam Wok Asian Restaurant in Cavan town.

The restaurant is located up a stairs and we were welcomed at the door by staff. The restaurant is very nicely decorated, nice Chinese touches here and there.

The Food:
Starters : The starters are large and very nicely presented and I could easily have had a second round of starters, it was so tasty. (Chose crispy won ton)

Mains : I chose a seafood selection. The course came sizzling in a pot, which I like, and was in a chinese wine sauce. Amazing flavour and the seafood was plentyful and varied.

The Service
Apart from the free Prawn Crackers which is always a nice touch – The staff could not have been more friendly and helpful if they tried. Not simply, “How was your meal” but we actually had nice conversations with the staff between courses.

Cannot rate this restaurant highly enough. I like my Chinese food and this was top notch.
I doubt I will be in Cavan in the near future, but if I am, I will be returning.