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M9 Motorway Opened… About Time Too

The M9 Motorway opened today from Danesfort to Waterford and on my journey from Thomastown to Waterford City I saved 12 minutes on the journey which will save me 2 hours a week going to work.

The road was a longer route than the normal N9 via Mullinvat but doing 120kph and also not having to put up with trucks, tractors and 60kph Sunday Drivers was a blessing.

RTE Covered the opening today :

The next section from Danesfort to Co. Carlow will open later in the year to complete the motorway, bypassing Thomastown, Gowran, Dungarvan, Paulstown and Leighlinbridge.

Waterford to Dublin motorway M9 section to open soon

There is growing anticipation now for the imminent opening of the new M9 Motorway from Waterford to Dublin. This section is to open soon, with dates of March 8th, march 12th, March 17th and March 21st as the possible opening dates of this new motorway which should decrease journey times between Dublin and Waterford. The Kilkenny People has quoted March 8th but apparently no official date has been set! Motorway now extends as far as Carlow and this new section will be of major benefit to people in Waterford wanting to shop in Kilkenny or people in Kilkenny wanting to visit Tramore.

After 3 years of development the motorway will see towns like Mullinavat (also known as Mullinavegas) and Ballyhale bypassed. I’m looking forward to not having to sit behind slow moving trucks and tractors on a stretch of road which has a surface which is becoming worse each and every day.

I just hope that the new section is not subject to the stupid political mess which almost delayed the Carlow to Kilcullen opening – If it does, then I am sure that will see another people power move which saw politicians berated by the angry motoring public.

N9 Potholes – When is the Dublin to Waterford M9 motorway opening?

The N9 is quite dangerous at the moment between Ballyhale and Mullinavat southbound.

There were 5 cars in the hard shoulder this evening all fixing punctures from one ginormous pothole as you head up the hill (straight stretch outside Ballyhale) towards Mullinavat. Be careful if you are driving that route.

The road damage is as a result of the recent snow, thaw and rain. What makes it even more annoying is the fact that the new M9 Waterford to Danesfort motorway is almost ready … but when will the Dublin to Waterford motorway actually be opening?

Some say Mid February will see the Waterford to Danesfort section open, but with the recent bad weather will this actually happen? The road is under construction for about 2 years now and still its not finished. In that time the M9 Carlow bypass and M9 Castledermot to Kilcullen route have opened. Its ridiculous to think 2 major stretches of motorway have opened in this time.

Lets wait and see – hopefully this is the last month I have to travel this route. The N9 is now a dreadful road to travel.

M9 Kilcullen/Carlow section of Motorway to open Monday 21st December

Minister Noel Dempsey reversed his decision to open the M9 Motorway on 8th Jan 2010 and the motorway will now be opened on Monday 21st December between 12 midday and 2pm with varying setups for north and south traffic.

The website was inundated with posts about the M9 situation with calls made to the media and radio stations such as WLR FM, Kildare FM, Joe Duffy and Today FM. At lunchtime the decision was made to go ahead and open the new stretch of Motorway on the date set out in Tuesdays Irish Times. At one point there was a “People Power” movement which was going to go to the motorway at 2pm and manually move the bollards – i.e. the people would open the Motorway if the NRA did not.
Thankfully sense was seen through and all is well again in the world!

This should really cut down driving times to Waterford and Kilkenny from Dublin as well as getting rid of the usual delays at Castledermot (or Hassledermot) as it was called this week.

At Last ; Goodbye N9 at Castledermot – Hello M9.

Waterford Bypass Opens

Waterford Bypass Opens

After years of planning and waiting, the new Waterford city by-pass has been officially opened 10 months ahead of schedule (due to good weather during building). The bridge and bypass were opened three and a half years after work commenced.

At 5:59pm this evening I tried to cross the bridge, but I was told, 5 minutes … so I went back to the Millinabro roundabout, and went back up by this time the bridge was open. It is an impressive structure but you are only on the bridge and you are off it again – the 465 metre span is traversed at 100kph. One glitch today was that the automated barrier was not working, which caused a bit of a delay. Overall, the surface is excellent and you can connect with the Cork Road (near the Motor Mile) or continue to Kilmeaden.

The Waterford bypass includes a Irelands longest cable-stayed bridge at 465m long, extending between the Waterford and Kilkenny banks of the River Suir – but the bridge to date has no name.

The Bridge is Tolled with motorbikes paying a toll of €1, cars €1.90, coaches and small trucks €3.40 and up to €6.10 for trucks with four or more axles. However this evening the toll was €1.20 for cars for some reason.

I was really looking forward to walking over the bridge – the official line in Early October was that “On the weekend before the official opening, the bridge would be open to the public“.
I think it was a bit inconsiderate, to the public of Waterford, in the decision to open the bridge to the public between 1.30 and 4.30 on MONDAY when most people were in work!!!
I believe this decision would have been made by the company who run it, Celticroads and not the City Council but at the same time …. Thanks a bunch !!

My next job is to get some nice night time shots of the bridge all lit up.
New Waterford Bridge Now Open