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Henry Shefflin talks about the first 15 minutes of a game

Henry Shefflin talks about the first 15 minutes of a game

Will Lucozade Sport create a new advert where “Henry Shefflin talks about the first 15 minutes of a game”?

Lucozade Sport - Henry Shefflin first 15 minutes

Following Tipperarys drumming of Kilkenny there are plent of other jokes including this prayer…

Our father who art in Semple,
Sheedy be thy name,
thy Liam will come,
goals will come from Eoin Noel and Larry,
give us this day to stop a 5 in a row and forgive us our square ball,
as we block those who trespass against us,
but deliver us from the cockey Cats,
for Tipperary is the kingdom,
where Liam belongs forever and ever Amen

Woman Puts Cat in Bin. Cat gets revenge & puts Woman in Bin

I found this on-line and just thought it was a great idea of how twist in a news story can make for a great marketing viral video. Although this video is funny – the placing of cats into bins is not.

As you know in England a woman put an unfortunate and defenseless cat into a wheelie bin. That video went viral. The video below is a great turn around on that and it too has gone viral – with a very obvious outcome.

The latest on the woman who put the cat in the bin is that she thought it was funny at the time and that it was really out for character for her. The bank clerk enraged cat and animal lovers around the world when she was caught on the cat owners CCTV footage grabbing  4 year-old Lola the cat by the scruff of the neck and tossing her in a bin. The RSPCA had meetings with her today and are deciding on their next move.

The backlash is that death threats have been made against her online (with some Facebook groups setup against her, not the viral publicity one would want), she said she was “profoundly sorry” for her actions against the cat.


Kilkenny v Tipperary Update – September 2nd

Tipperary supporters have taken this on board and there is a viral video on YouTube of a Tipperary woman putting the Kilkenny Cat into the Bin.

“5 in a Row My Arse”? … Lets wait until Sunday and see…. odds of a draw are only 12/1, but I think Kilkenny could do it but it will be a close game…..

M9 Motorway to open on September 9th

M9 Motorway to open on September 9th

The completed M9 motorway linking Danesfort Kilkenny to the Carlow section will officially open on September 9th at 11am. Speaking on KCLR Radio earlier today, Joe Gannon stated that the official opening ceremony of the new M9 motorway would take place at 11am on the 9th of September. (09/09 for the opening of the M9 … coincidence?)

M9 Motorway outside Kilkenny to open on September 9thThe completed motorway will link Waterford to Dublin with non stop motorway and the journey time should be approx 1h 30 mins between the two cities with the previous journey time usually 2 hours 35 minutes. Currently traffic has to exit at Danesfort, continue via Kilkenny (or via Knocktopher / Thomastown route) to the Carlow section and resuming on the M9 just outside Carlow. The announcement of the official motorway comes as a welcome relief to travellers to Dublin from the South East as well as the people of Kilkenny (and Thomastown/Gowran) who have seen increased traffic as a result of the diversions.

Roll on the 9th September … the only thing not on the M9 through are servcie stations or Motorway services, I wonder when these will be added?

Less than 20 days to go before new section of M9 opens

With less than 20 days to go before the Waterford side of the M9 opens, the project itself is to be completed OVER 1 YEAR LATE. This has to be emphasised because you can be guaranteed that some County Councillor or TD will utter the words “The project was delivered on-time” … well it wasn’t. If you travel from Kilkenny to Waterford you will see signs at Ballyhale and Lukeswell saying “Opening Spring 2009” ; well that date has passed and still the road is not open.

The road is apparently finished except that a “safety audit” has to be completed, which may involve a TD, a scissors, a camera and a ribbon, no-one is quite sure. I just think they should  “Open the Feckin’ Road !!”

So don’t be fooled – if somebody says the M9 Waterford section was opened ontime – this is a lie.

SNOW FORECAST – Ireland Could Grind to a Halt this Weekend

SNOW FORECAST – Ireland Could Grind to a Halt this Weekend

The cold snap could get a lot worse this week with heavy snow forecast for Sunday and Monday in Ireland… and the snow could extend into next week.

Met Eireanns weather forecast is saying “Weather on Sunday will be cold and mostly cloudy with occasional sleet showers and some snow forecast in the south and east, giving accumulations in places. Monday will be very cold again. It’ll be a mostly cloudy day with frequent showers of sleet and snow in a strong easterly wind. Significant accumulations will occur and drifting is possible due to strong easterly winds.”

The BBC weather forecast portrays a similar picture (Searched for Waterford, Ireland and got this…)

5 Day Forecast for Waterford

5 Day Forecast for Waterford

Either way, with grit running out fast and UK & Ireland are struggling to cope; things could get worse before getting better. The temperatures in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny reportedly dropped to -10 on Thursday Morning. The last time this happened to the same scale as 1963.

Below I have attached some pictures taken in Co. Kilkenny on Thursday Morning.


Snow at Mount Juliet

Sunrise over the Snow, Co. Kilkenny

Lets see if the forecast brings 3 days of snow!