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Brian Cowen on Late Late Show

I thought Ryan Tubridy did very well in his interview with Brian Cowen on his first Late Late Show . I suspected that he might have gone easy on him but I was very wrong.

The Taoiseach was pressed on some major questions to do with Nama and Lisbon. At one point I thought Ryan was going to say …”Do you want to sing Clementine now ?”

The points were made very well by the new Late Late Show presenter, and at one point I was egging him on, almost like a boxer who is pummelling another boxer who is just about to fall in a blooded heap on the floor.

We will have to see if this show helps or hinders the Taoiseach as he tries to get Lisbon, Nama and any new budgetary measures.

Ireland has no confidence in the Government

A TNS/MRBI poll which was published in today’s Irish Times shows that the people of Ireland are not satisfied with the Government’s performance. The public support for the Irish government is at only 11% since May, while 85% are dissatisfied with the government and 4% are undecided. Based on this poll, the general indication is that support for Fianna Fáil is around 17%.

There is a serious possibility of a general election before Christmas there is also a possibility that the Lisbon vote on October 2nd could be another chance for people to vote against the government.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin insisted that the disappointing poll results did not raise questions about the “leadership” of the Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

I have carried out some research of my own on this website in the past few months, asking “Should the leader of the Irish Government step down?”. A whopping 83% said Yes he should resign. This poll ran from March to July 2009.

It is interesting times for the government but their lack of personality and the fact that they appear to be out of touch with the everyday Irish person is alarming.
Prediction : I think an election (or top level resignation) will be announced some time between 5th October and 20th November … based on Lisbon and some other political milestones.

Fianna Fail suffer huge voting blow – Fianna Fail Voters Drop

Fianna Fáil and the Green party got what was coming to them, when the people of Ireland stood up and said, enough is enough! The local and European elections became a platform for a referendum on the performance of the Irish “Government”.

Its about time the Irish people voted with their minds and not out of loyalty to a particular party. I hate this “I’m a Fianna Fáil man myself” type attitude. I was delighted to see George Lee getting voted in … a man who is actually qualified to be in power, who knows what he is talking about. The people who are “Minister for x y and z” don’t actually have much in the way of qualifications for these roles. i.e. Minister for Finance should have years of experience in finance and so on.

I hope that the next step will be a General Election and get the farmers out of the Dail and put people who know what they are doing into government.

People of Ireland – Call for a General Election – Now!!