Have You Paid the 100 Euro Household Charge?

Have You Paid the 100 Euro Household Charge?

With the household charge deadline set as 31st march, NO campaigners asking the government to back down on the contreversial €100 household charge, under 700,000 households have actually paid.

The Household Charge, which they say is going to improve  services in Ireland … many are still unconvinced, saying why should we pay another tax? Have your say on the €100 household charge here…

Are you going to pay the €100 Household charge?

100 Euro note - 100 euro household charge - are you paying the household charge

Hotel Prices in Ireland cheapest in Western Europe

A recent report on Hotel prices has found that Ireland now has the cheapest hotel rooms in all of western Europe. The Hotel Price Index, compiled by hotel booking website Hotels.com, found that while worldwide hotel prices have now stabilised in the first 6 months of 2010, Irish hotel room rates have continued to fall.

The average Irish room rate is €79 a night, down 4% from hotel room rates of 2009. The Irish room rate of €79 is the cheapest in western Europe and the 4th cheapest in the EuroZone – ahead of only the Czech Republic, Poland & Hungary. Switzerland is now Europe’s most expensive destination for hotels with an average of €138. Iceland recorded the biggest fall of 20%.

Some of the best value to be seen on hotel rooms is in offers such as 3 nights for the price of 2. For example this great offer from Mount Juliet Hotel Kilkenny3 Nights for the Price of 2 in Kilkenny.

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The Irish Language – What a Waste of Time!

In Ireland we waste so much time in school learning a language we never use!

It would be so much better if Irish children could be taught something like French that they would actually use, after-all, French is the official language of the EU. If you look at the people who come over to Ireland from Poland or Czech Republic, their English is actually very good. I’m sure they can converse in English better than most Irish people could converse in French. WHY? Because in Ireland from the age of 4 to 12, Irish is drilled into kids, instead of a language they would actually use. It is at this age that children find it easier to learn a language – so why expect them to start learning French at the age of 13 when they start secondary school? Its too late for them to be actually fluent – start them learning from a young age.

Irish – What a Terrible Language

Lets look at some of the crap you learn as a child.

CarCarrJust add an R
So is “Computer”= An Computerr in Irish?
TaxiTacsaíJust spell it phonetically
A Cop out!
DrugsDruggaíFollow a similar rule for Tacsaí
Does this mean that take for example Guns in Irish are Gunnaí and Matches are Matchaí?
I just looked up guns – and it IS Gunnaí … F**k sake!
Coloured ManFear GormLiteral Meaning “Blue Man” – Gorm is Blue and Fear is Man.
What happened? Was Ireland overrun by Smurfs at some point?
The DevilFear DubhLiteral Meaning “Black Man” – Dubh is Black and Fear is Man
A Bit insulting!

I left school with an Irish Vocabulary of about 10 words which included such classics as;

Fear on Phoist


Ar Nos na Gaoithe




Smeara Dubha


Also, Whats the story with this?
Take for example the phrase “Comhartha ar an mbus” – MBUS … is this some sort of Hanson song. MBus???
What sort of crappy language puts an M before a B ??

Irish, a Dead Language

I think they should get rid of the language and get the children of Ireland speaking a European language rather than a dead language. Nobody speaks it – unless you want to get rid of the kids and shove them off to an island for 3 months during the summer.

I wish we had a language we could be proud of but we don’t – so stop hooking it up to a life support machine and leave it die so that the children in Irish schools leave with something they can use.

How can we trust a government who do this….

How can the Irish government ask us to take cuts and pay more taxes when

(a) they are being paid huge salaries

(b) they can charge a few hundred Euro for a limo ride between airport terminals

(c) the Taoiseach is being paid more than President Obama

What Next?

The government need to all take salary cuts, stop making stupid expense charges and abusing the system …. oh yeah, they need to step down and make way for a new government.
Bring on a general election! Give us all an early Christmas present!


If you vote NO, we will be asked again in Lisbon 3

If you vote YES, the current government are delighted

So vote YES & NO, no to the Government and YES to Lisbon and No to any dodgy bits of  Lisbon and YES to a General Election.


Brian Cowen not happy with Late Late Interview

It turns out that the Taoiseach Brian Cowen wasn’t happy with the way he was interviewed on Friday night by the new Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy. The Taoiseach was bombarded with question after question almost like a scene from a movie … you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. I thought that the questioning was fair in light of the performance of the government, but Ryan Tubridy has said that the questions were fair, based on where we were in the countrys history.

RTE officials were not happy with the line of questioning on the Late Late, and the government likewise, but in a press poll, based on his Late Late interview; 41 per cent of people said the Taoiseach had gone up in their view, just 17 per cent said he had gone down, and 42 per cent said their view of Mr Cowen was not changed.
The Video of the Late Late Show interview is shown below.

Today is now going to make things even tougher, with the publication of the commission on taxation, which might see property tax, the dole being taxed and water rates being reintroduced.

It will be an interesting next 100 days !

Late Late Show Video with Brian Cowen, Taoiseach

This is the Late Late Show Interview with Brian Cowen which maybe you weren’t supposed to see ….

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