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Google to launch Google Operating System : Chrome OS

Google to launch Google Operating System : Chrome OS

Google is set to launch an Operating System, to compete against Microsoft Windows, promising a lightweight but fast operating system called Chrome OS which will allow for speedy access to the internet and to be virus free.

google-versus-windowsWindows (Microsofts operating system) runs about 91% of the world’s personal computers and this threat from Google should not be taken lightly.

Google ìs promising a change to PC frustration and an end to conflicts and slow PCs. Also with the drop in PC sales and increase in smartphones a Google Operating System seems very apt and timely.

Windows Vista was never really the best and Windows 7, which is due to go on sale this autumn is considered a Windows Vista Replacement. However, Google is unlikely to charge for the new Chrome Operating System. Why would they do this? Well the more people using a Google Os means more people using their services, such as search, email, photo galleries and you tube videos…. this means a better market awareness and better revenue long term for Google.

Google has a reputation in having some of the best software on the market so the new Chrome OS will probably be very good when launched. However, all that said, if you like Microsoft Flight Sim or using MS Word or even Adobe Illustrator, you will probably not be able to use this on the new operating system. Compatibility will be an issue.

The Chrome Operating System is due for release in summer 2010 and will use parts of the open source Linux operating system kernel. As a result, those on Linux may be able to get a version which would run on a Linux platform … we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

It will be interesting to see if the cut Google makes on the market is just a graze or a deep near fatal wound to Microsofts dominance.

Michael Jacksons Death causes the internet to slow and Crash Twitter

Moments after the death of Michael Jackson, the internet began to slow. The internet slowdown was happening as people all over the world rushed to verify news accounts of Michael Jacksons death. This surge of internet traffic had unusual effects including crashes and website server slowdowns.

Googles Slowdown
Google confirmed on Friday that when the breaking news of the death first broke, Google feared they were under some sort of Denial of Service Attack – anyone who Googled for “Michael Jackson” got a Google error page rather than the results they were looking for. The Google Error message warned that “your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application”. This was especially so on Google News. But once confirmed the error message was removed and this only lasted 40 minutes.

The Google’s Trends system showed searches for “Michael Jackson” was so high that the “hotness” gauge the topic was rated as “volcanic”.

Other Sites
Other sites were equally affected with The BBC News website up over 45% in the early hours of the morning.
The Twitter microblogging service actually crashed with the volume of people sending Michael Jackson tweets. At one point 9 out of 10 tweets were only related to Michael Jackson, with over 66,000 Tweets for the late superstar.
Trendrr, (a Web service that tracks activity on social media sites), said that the actual number of Twitter posts on Thursday containing the search term “Michael Jackson” totaled more than 100,000 per hour.

Another site to suffer was the popular chat and celeb site, TMZ; this site actually broke the story following a tip-off, and this site also crashed. This caused a so called domino effect as web users abandoned crashed sites and moved on to second most popular sites…. as a result Perez Hilton’s website then crashed.
The O2 website, where Jackson was to perform on July 13th, also crashed for a short while.
Other stats include more than 20 times the average number of visitors logging onto Sky News Online.

This moment was one of the busiest moments in Internet history, both in terms of scope or depth.
As a result, sales of his music on iTunes and Amazon are topping the charts, as fans pay tribute to the memory of the pop superstar.

The Top Ten on Amazon at 21:45pm on Friday 26th June is as follows;

1. Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller ~ Michael Jackson

2. Off the Wall ~ Michael Jackson

3. Bad ~ Michael Jackson

4. Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection ~ Michael Jackson

5. Number Ones ~ Michael Jackson

6. Dangerous ~ Michael Jackson

7. The Ultimate Collection ~ Jackson 5

8. The Essential Michael Jackson ~ Michael Jackson

9. Michael Jackson – Vol. 1-Greatest Hits History ~ Michael Jackson

10. Invincible ~ Michael Jackson

Listed again on Google

Listed again on Google

I had enough with waiting so I placed a nicely worded email on Google Webmaster tools explaining the issues with the domain/hosting in November (which caused to banned or penalised on Google and I was no longer Google Listed for the terms I was famous for).
That was Thursday … this morning I saw that for searches like “Don’t Stop me Now Chords” I was back at #1.

Traffic is up about 300% today which is great. I am Google Listed again after all this time.

I am Glad its sorted!

So if anyone else has had problems like being penalised on Google or find yourself no longer google listed, fix the problem, check the Google Webmaster Guidelines, ensure all items are being followed on your site, and then request Re-inclusion via the Google Webmaster Tools.

Nest thing for the site is to start adding some new content and new pictures.



This is an old post regarding Google penalised pages and lack of Google Listed pages on my website. This content which was originally on my old site and now resides here on, however over time the content may no longer be relevant.

Check your access logs

Check your access logs

A lot happens on your web server that you don’t know about. I just checked my server logs and saw many many entries of attempted access to the following areas of my site;

These pages don’t exist and never existed so I think these are probably hackers were trying to find out a way into the site.

The IPs were from Norway, Russia, Ukraine, USA and a few asian IPs.

It is through the error log (one of the many server logs recorded by your site) that I could see these items. I actually blocked one IP Address because there were so many attempted accesses from that IP. By sealing off all potential acces points you can protect your website.

Also, check your PHP code – ensure you don’t automatically register variables, check all form submissions and anything that interacts with your database.

I have seen some websites out there (businesses) which have body text, and slap bang in the middle of the text links to Crack websites or Adult sites. I believe these sites have been comprimised by poorly secured web servers (of which I have had a few) and poorly coded websites which have php or asp code.

Since I moved web servers I have been trying to bring the site back up the Google rankings and also re-develop the site, mainly since I had not added much to the site in the past few months.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes after 20th April (when I made the changes in line with the Google Webmaster Guidelines) to get re-listed highly on the world most popular Search Engine.


This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on

Drop in Google Rankings revisited…

Drop in Google Rankings revisited…

I recently found out that the site had duplicate content titles and descriptions, as well as about 200 files not found, from the links directory. If you want to ensure that you have constant Google traffic coming to your website, don’t annoy Google, as duplicate content is a big no no.

This may be why the site had a huge drop in Google traffic and Google rankings previously written about on the blog – so I have done the following (if anyone else has had these problems)

  1. Added the links directory to robots.txt so that the outbound links php file is not indexed
    Some of the pages in the links directory are dead links and are therefore not found.
  2. Removed WordPress plugins which created dynamic urls which caused indexing problems
    Also added these directories (the dynamic ones) to robots.txt as they served no real purpose.
  3. Created a New XML Sitemap and submitted that to Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Cleaned up the PHP scripts in the pictures gallery so that there was less chance of having large numbers of duplicated title, description and keywords content
  5. Analysed the error.log file for any pages which may have being causing problems.

Hopefully these steps should help in getting the site’s Google traffic back up…. Heres Hoping!

This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on