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World Cup Organisers will hopefully ban VuVuZelas (Vous Vous Zella)

If you have watched any of the matches in the world cup then you will have heard the annoying dull drone of the VuVuZelas (or Vous Vous Zella as I have seen them being spelled online). Pressure is now growing on the World Cup organisers to ban the use of vuvuzelas following many complaints from top players, TV broadcasters and world cup fans. This dreadful VuVuZelas plastic horn is spoiling the tournament on TV and I am now turning down the volume on the TV as the noise from the VuVuZelas grates on your ears after a while.

The vuvuzelas or VuVuZelas are extremely popular among South African fans, and many teams were warned about the effect of the VuVuZelas on the pitch. Many broadcasters have complained that commentary cannot be heard. France even had the nerve that the vuvuzela was a factor in their poor display in their goalless draw with Uruguay. (not because they played bad or were unable to cheat or handball).

But South Africa call the vuvuzela their “12th man that we need … our weapon”.

If the vuvuzela is not banned coult the psychological influence and noise distraction help then through to the latter stages of the competition?



Who will Ireland support in the World Cup?

Who will Ireland support in the World Cup?

The 2FM show, Colm and Jim Jim, are running a poll to see who Ireland will support in the up coming World Cup.
You can select from all 32 teams but have a look at and vote. You will see that if you try vole for France “The Cheating Bastards”, it says ‘Don’t You Dare’.

You can vote for Ivory Coast, since the colours are the same as the Irish flag but backwards or you can vote for the USA since there are a lot of Irish there anyway.

The results should be available on the show tomorrow.

Do not vote for France

It’s All over, for Irelands plea to FIFA

It’s All over, for Irelands plea to FIFA

It’s All over, for Irelands plea to FIFA over Cheating Henry

Sepp Blatter on Tuesday laughed at Ireland and glossed over Cheating Henry handball. The cheating handball happened in the world cup qualifier in France. He rejected Irelands plea to be the 33rd team in the World Cup. Of course Costa Rica would have had to been the 34th team but its all irrelevant now.

France were not seeded , the seeded teams which include England are drawn from POT #1 (Seeded Teams) – France will be drawn from POT #5 (Cheating Bastards).

The FIFA president Sepp Blatter angered the Ireland assistant coach Liam Brady, with the manner in which he revealed and laughed at the Republic’s request. Liam Brady branded the FIFA president “an embarrassment” and a “loose cannon”.

The-Thierry-Henry-Hand-Ball-France_v_Republic-of-IrelandSepp Blatter in the last few hours has apologised to Ireland but its too little too late – all the polls, petitions, angry headlines, emails and pleas to FIFA were ignored by an organisation almost ruled by French people … any coincidence? An organisation who said the “rules of football haven’t changed in 127 years” and in my view need modernisation. I wonder ig there will be compensation over Cheating Henry and his actions. FIFA is run mainly by French admin and you would wonder why there was no full investigation. Imagine a world cup without France – I am sure they thought if a replay was to happen after Cheating Henry and the handball, could France be knocked out.

FIFA, Blatter and the game of soccer is in tatters. Its full of diving, simulation, cheating, handballs that go unnoticed, I even remember a goal which Tottenham scored against Manchester United which went 3 foot over the goal line but was not given.

FIFA … Its time to move on – get with the times and introduce TV replays and more modern referring. They have TV replays in rugby , if replays or Video Assistance Replays were in action we could have been still in the running for this world cup.


John & Edward Voted out of X-Factor ; Next week its Theirry Henry

John & Edward Voted out of X-Factor ; Next week its Theirry Henry

The two people who are almost as hated as Theirry Henry, namely John and Edward, have at last been voted off the X-Factor. They just could not sing – however Daniel was very flat during this week and also his performance of the Aerosmith song, Don’t want to miss a thing and is luck that he made it through. It was a singing competition after all and they really could not sing.

Back to the “France are Cheating Bastards and Ireland were denied by anti-Fair Play FIFA” controversy.
If you are looking for a good Theirry Henry Parody / game have a look here – Click For Game

If you want to have a look at some comments on Theirry Henry have a look here.


Ireland v France Replay – Yet Another Petition

It may be jumping on the bandwagon but hey … we all need to vent our fury at whats going on! So feel free to say what ever you want to say to Theirry Henry.

If you want to sign the petition – just comment on the this post below – click here

It will be interesting to see that FIFA and UEFA do about granting this replay… they will need to make a decision before the end of November as the draw for the World Cup Finals is on December 4th

This is an extract from a BBC Sport comment left after the Irish match… “I’m an England fan, but am gutted for the Irish, totally deserved to win that game and it all comes down to one moment in the game where a player cheats in the space of 2 seconds, and ruins 120 minutes of football. It was ridiculous, I used to like Henry, now he is just a disgrace to football, France and himself. …. That was a joke, unlucky Ireland, you were cheated, and hopefully justice will be served.” – Source BBC 606 :

Here’s Hoping !