Dordogne, France ever popular as a Holiday Destination

Dordogne, France ever popular as a Holiday Destination

The Dordogne region, in the south of France is ever popular with holidaymakers from UK and Ireland. Even the French lovel to holiday in the region, full of outdoor pursuits such as cycling, canoeing, and coultry walks. If you have ever considered renting a self catering holiday home or gite in the Dordogne region, you will know that there are many luxury holiday homes in the Dordogne region.

Dordogne, France ever popular as a Holiday DestinationMost luxury self catering holiday homes in France come with a swimming pool and other luxury features, such as microwaves, laundry facilities and even games rooms which can make your holiday more enjoyable and somewhat a home, away from home.

One company Sarlat Holiday Homes / Dordogne Villas Direct, run by a lovely Irish woman called Bernadette, offers you luxury holiday home rentals in the Dordogne (Sarlat/Vitrac) regions of France.

When you rent a holiday home from Sarlat Holiday Homes / Dordogne Villas Direct you are in direct contact with the owners of the property, so you can be ensured that we will want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.The Dordogne is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful areas of France

The Dordogne is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful areas of France. By booking a reputable holiday home / villa company you yourself can best enjoy what the region has to offer and your self-catering holiday villa can be a home away from home, with memories to last a lifetime.

Click here to visit the Sarlat Holiday Homes / Dordogne Villas Direct website.

England Goal – Ball did not dross the line

England Goal – Ball did not dross the line

There is now evidence, perhaps from the FIFA camp, (who knows) that the ball did not cross the line during the German match.

As you can see from the photo below, taken from the goal line video, the ball was not fully over the line as the shot came in and beat the keeper.

Ball did not cross the line - England Germany match

Really at this stage FIFA need to introduce video footage into games – if they don’t they are stupid and behind the times.

Apart from Englands disallowed goal, In the Mexico game the first goal was clearly offside again, everyone could see it was offside.

Who needs to mention the cheating which was clearly visible on the Thierry Henry “Hand of Frog” incident.

FIFA – Get the finger out and don’t let this crap continue!
It’s embarrassing!

World Cup Score Predictions – Wednesday June 23rd

Slovenia v England is the big match today. England must win and they probably will have enough to get past Slovenia, if they don’t then heads will roll as they should be up for this game, with all the hype and the past performances being highlighted within the camp. If they are ready, then they could do well today – if not, they may just scrape past Slovenia.

USA v Algeria could have an impact on England should England draw with Slovenia. USA look good so far and seem to have a good game plan. This could be another USA draw but if they keep the concentration and get an early goal they could win by a goal or two.

Australia v Serbia is a tough one to call; Australia have to bounce back after the German Hammering, but need to win today, Serbia might be too much for them. One goal will probably decide this game, most probably in Serbias favour.

Ghana v Germany is (or should be) a no brainer. Germany should have no problem in winning this game, unless they do a France and just fall apart which is 100/1 unlikely. Could be 3 or 4 in this one.

Score Predictions for todays games:

–   Slovenia 0 – 2 England

–   USA 1 – 0 Algeria

–   Australia 0 – 1 Serbia

–   Ghana 0 – 3 Germany

World Cup Score Predictions, June 22nd – France to be Eliminated

Mexico vs. Uruguay

I think Mexico and Uruguay will pass the ball to each other knowing that a nil nil draw will knock France out of the competition… The Curse of Henry strikes! If Mexico accidentally score, Uruguay just need to equalise with an OG – easily done ! It could be 12 – 12 as a premeditated joke between the 2 teams but will probably be scoreless or at least 1-1.

France vs. South Africa

The Curse of Henry strikes again – disarray in the French camp. If they score 40 goals and Mexic and Uruguay draw they will still fail to qualify. Bye Bye Henry – Go home and quit and don’t come holidaying in Ireland!

Nigeria vs. South Korea

I think South Korea will want to get one over on their neighours from the north and want to avoid any 7-0 hammerings. I think it will be a close game probably being won in the last 20 mins.

Greece vs. Argentina

Greece have a tough match and I think Argentina might knock a few past these guys.
Another hatrick for Argentina?

Probably miles off but these are my predictions for today.

Mexico 0 – 0 Uruguay
France 1 – 1 South Africa (but I Would love to see France 0 – 4 South Africa)
Nigeria 1 – 2 South Korea
Greece 0 – 4 Argentina

World Cup Organisers will hopefully ban VuVuZelas (Vous Vous Zella)

If you have watched any of the matches in the world cup then you will have heard the annoying dull drone of the vuvuzela (or Vous Vous Zella as I have seen them being spelled online). Pressure is now growing on the World Cup organisers to ban the use of vuvuzelas following many complaints from top players, TV broadcasters and world cup fans. This dreadful plastic horn is spoiling the tournament on TV and I am now turning down the volume on the TV as it grates on your ears after a while.

The vuvuzelas or Vous Vous Zellas are extremely popular among South African fans, and many teams were warned about the effect of the vuvuzela on the pitch. Many broadcasters have complained that commentary cannot be heard. France even had the nerve that the vuvuzela was a factor in their poor display in their goalless draw with Uruguay. (not because they played bad or were unable to cheat or handball).

But South Africa call the vuvuzela their “12th man that we need … our weapon”.

If the vuvuzela is not banned coult the psychological influence and noise distraction help then through to the latter stages of the competition?


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