Flight AF447 may never be found

By now the black boxes of Flight AF447 pinging divices have certainly stopped sending out locator information. The investigators know the general location of the crash, but due to the vast size of the search area and the fact that the ocean is miles deep in those locaions, the black box, if found would be of little use. It could be corroded and the combination of the salt water and pressure would probably destroy the box before it could be found.

Investigators into the AF447 crash have made primary results known, blaming the pitot tubes, saying that they probably froze over and gave incorrect data to the auto-pilot.

Either way, the issues will need to be looked into.

I’m flying on Air France soon, I’m not overly worried as the Airbus is a superb machine, however, if the blog is not updated in the next 3 weeks, It could be, because I can”t get decent internet connection from beyond the grave 🙂

Ryan Air to fly standing passengers for Free

Ryan Air to fly standing passengers for Free

Ryan Air boss Michael O’Leary has said he is looking into the possibility of letting passengers who stand up during flights, to fly for free. Apparently the flights targeted will be those of 30 minutes and less.

The plan would need to be approved by the Irish Aviation Authority but the setup would see passengers with seats similar to trams or buffet cars on trains.

Ryan Air are now the worlds biggest international carrier and reported an increase in recent passenger numbers.

I don’t understand why Ryan Air are thinking of doing this for free, I would have thought it would have been something like a 70% discount.

I simply cannot see this working. What about;
1) Seat belts – will there be any
2) That unbalancing jolt you get when you land
3) Emergency landings – Brace position?
4) Your life jacket is under your …. Seat?

I think some of the recent Ryan Air suggestions, such as the Fat Tax, charge for toilets etc. may have been a few very clever publicity stunts. Either that or they are very Interesting business models for the future of the airline … Let’s see!

Ryan Air - Will Standing Passengers Work?
Ryan Air – Will Standing Passengers Work?
Did the Airbus A330 of Flight AF447 have rudder problems?

Did the Airbus A330 of Flight AF447 have rudder problems?

There has been some speculation (including myself from day 1) that the rudder was a key element to the investigation of the air crash of Flight AF447. The tail was found last week and investigators are now reviewing whether or not the Airbus rudder was an issue. They are focusing on the part of the rudder which controls how much the rudder can move.  Normally, a limiter prevents the rudder from swinging or moving too far – at high speeds an incorrectly positioned rudder could sheer off.  There has been some speculation in the media that this Airbus had some issues regarding the rudder – I find this hard to believe, as any aircraft snag list which highlighted a rudder problem, you can be guaranteed that Air France would have brought the aircraft in for immediate repair.

Part of the Airbus Rudder / Vertical Stabiliser of Flight AF447

Part of the Airbus Rudder / Vertical Stabiliser of Flight AF447

Technicians will be able to review the metal structure, looking for corrosion or metal sheer and may be able to deduce if the rudder failed on its own or if air speed was a factor.  There are many large bolts in the area of the vertical stabiliser and perhaps one of these failed – however if you look at the amount of the tail fin was recovered it actually is only the fin part and does not come near the area where the structure is housed and secured.

Other air crashes which had rudder problems include on famous case in Japan where a JAL Boeing 747SR lost part of its rudder and crashed into a mountain. Other cases include SilkAir Flight 185, American Airlines Flight 587.

There are now many vessels, including some from USA and France covering hundreds of square kilometers every day listening for the pingers on the black boxes and flight data recorders which will stop working in about 2 weeks.

The next 2 weeks will be vital in the search for clues to why this modern airliner crashed.
I am going to remain quiet on this subject until the next major update from Brazil.

Terror Names linked to AF447

Two passengers who are known to authorities to be linked to Islamic terrorism were on board the Air France flight 447 which crashed last week. The French secret service established the highly significant terror connection (names of passengers who are radical Muslims considered a threat to the French Republic) while reviewing the AF447 passenger list.

It is almost certain that there were computer malfunctions possibly caused by a frozen pitot tube which resulted in slow transit into the story – terrorism has still not been ruled out in this case. One source has said that the names of these passengers could simply be a coincidence and that they are not terrorists at all.

France has received a few threats from radical Islamic terrorists groups since the French troops were sent to fight in Afghanistan in the “War on Terror”. French Security chiefs have been worried similar suicide attacks to September 11th. It is improbable that a terror organisation would want to do anything at such a remote location, in the past they have used highly populated cities and buildings to carry out their actions – unless perhaps any bomb or device was triggered prematurely with disastrous consequences.

A French nuclear submarine is now in the area listening for the Black Box pingers which will cease to operate in about 3 weeks. So far 41 bodies have been recovered, as well as the tail & rudder and some smaller pieces of Af447s debris about 1,100 kms off the coast of Brazil.

Flight AF 447 – Updates in the News

Over 3 days after the event, progress is still quite slow. Many news agencies are even reporting that Air France received bomb threats in the days leading up to the event.

So far a large debris field has been found, but the largest section found to date is only 7 metres in length. The investigators are pescimistic about finding the black boxes which are reported to be between 9,800 – 12,000 feet below the surface.

There are still a lot of conflicting theories on what happened. On this site I have seen lots of people searching for “Flight 447 UFO” – this is ridiculous … strange people out there!

It could take 1-2 weeks before they collect enough wreckage to run metalurgical tests to check for explosive traces or the distinctive bending of the metal which is caused when a bomb explodes.

All anyone can do now is wait and see.