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Best Twitter iPhone Apps

Best Twitter iPhone Apps

People are now twittering and tweeting everywhere from the office, train station to the restaurant and airport. Are you looking for the Best Twitter iPhone Apps? The emergence of mobile technology allows people to tweet quickly and easily. Below are listed some handy iPhone Apps for using Twitter all of which are freely available on the iTunes App Store.


Twitter iPhone AppsThe official Twitter iPhone app has all the features you might expect, tweeting, latest posts, lists, access to your profile and favourites and some other extras. This is the twitter app I use most, mainly because it is the official app.
Latest Version is 3.0.3 – Size 3.9 MB

Price : Free


The Tweetdeck iPhone app allows you to have Facebook and Twitter on the same app, saves you having to access 2 different iPhone apps. Some nice features and if you want to have a fully integrated app this is the one for you, tweet and facebook on the one app. I still use this on occasion and it is a handy tool for Facebook and Twitter users.

Price : Free


This is one I installed a while ago and was my original twitter app before moving to tweetdeck and moving then to Twitter App. It’s a bit clunky and I found it a bit slow to use but that was over 7 months ago … so if anyone has used Echophon add a comment below. However having reviewed the latest app on iTunes I think this has recently been updated.

Price : Free

Feel free to add your comments and review of the Best Twitter iPhone Apps….

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Scam

If you are getting an email which is from “Facebook Security” with the subject line of “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Message.” – please delete this message as it contains a virus. First off, this has nothing to do with Facebook – the owners and company of Facebook are constantly striving to keep people aware of the latest security issues.

The full body of the email is shown below – my anti-virus system found and quarantined the virus before the payload could be activated but there may be people out there who don’t know this. Please be aware this is a Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Scam and you should not follow or engage with this email. There may also be variants of this email so be vigilant and remember Facebook will never email you in this style or asking for this information. 

Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to  our clients, 
your password has been changed.

You can find your new password  in attached document.

Your Facebook.

Viruses found in the attached files.
The file Virus found FakeAlert. 
The attachment was moved to  the Virus Vault.

Firstly Facebook will never email you with “Dear user of facebook,” – who ever the spammer was who decided to try emailing with “Dear user of facebook,” is thick. The same goes for emails from AIB, Bank of Ireland, PayPal or TSB – they will never email you with”Dear Valued Customer” … if you see this in an email delete it. Secondly the line ” Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients” – what measures?? If you want to know about Facebook security then visit Facebook’s Security section at .

Be careful with this one and ensure you have an anti-virus system on your PC and that it is up to date. This virus is called FakeAlert and is a trojan which displays misleading fake alerts to entice the user into buying a product to “repair” malware problems. FakeAlert can come in other emails – not just Facebook, so always treat attachments from unknown sources with caution. There are a lot of scams out there and I’m going to put some more info on scams on the blog in the coming weeks.

M9 Waterford to Danesfort Motorway to Open with a Protest

The M9 Waterford to Danesfort motorway will open at 11am tomorrow morning (Monday 21st March) but will be overshadowed by protests against the limiting of the service of the search and rescue helicopter based in Waterford to operating in daylight hours. It is hoped that traffic will be flowing by 2pm, and the M9 will bypass Mullinavat, Ballyhale, Stoneyford and Knocktopher – taking up to 25 minutes off the average journey from Kilkenny.

The protests mentioned above relate to the helicopter which is based at Waterford Airport and provides search & rescue cover to the Irish Sea and Atlantic Coasts around Waterford, Wexford and beyond. If somebody is in difficulty at 9:30pm just off Tramore Bay, they will have to wait 40 minutes for a helicopter to come from Shannon instead of waiting 2 minutes for one from Waterford Airport.

A Facebook Group called “Save 24hr Search & Rescue Helicopter Cover in South-East” is now available to Join – Click here to Join the Facebook Group

It will be interesting to see what Noel Dempsey has to say on the visit the South East – the area where the essential helicopter service is based. Some text from the facebook groups page says that the Irish Government saved a measly €1m euro by not having a 24 hour service – so lives lost are basically ok as long as we can have savings and two days after making this decision they spent the equivalent money traveling around the world in the Government Jet for St.Patricks Day and filling their stomachs.

There is an on-line petition which you can sign to Save the South-Easts 24hr Search & Rescue Helicopter Cover :

It is good to see our motorway link coming to the south-east at last but it is the government giving with one hand and taking away with the other. There are plenty of other things they could save money on … but a life saving service should not be one of them.

New FaceBook Group : Ban Thierry Henry ( The Cheater) From World Cup

There is a new Facebook group called Ban Thierry Henry ( The Cheater) From World Cup. This in on the back of the famous hand ball by Thierry Henry (The Cheater) which knocked Ireland effectively out of the World Cup -(or at least with a 50:50 chance if it had gone to penalties.)

if you want to sign up to the new Facebook group visit;

If you want to take things a step further and send Thierry a little message of “support” you can always “Add as Friend” one Mr. Thierry Henry. Hie Facebook profile is at;


As it stands however, today, Thierry Henry (according to the BBC) will not be punished by FIFA for his handball. FIFA, the world governing body’s disciplinary committee concluded there was “no legal foundation” to deal with the case.

Republic of Ireland defender Sean St Ledger told BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday “Obviously I don’t want to see players getting banned but at the same time it promotes, ‘if you can get away with it, then do it’.

This was always my view – basically FIFA are saying that If you want to handle the ball , do it, but don’t let us catch you doing it …. be if we do catch you … and you are French … we won’t say a word.

FIFA at this stage is too French and are obviously biased !

Shane just found a Premiership Manager wandering around his Farm on FarmVille

Shane just found a Premiership Manager wandering around his Farm on FarmVille

Shane was tending his cows when he saw Rafa Benitez looking lost and dejected. This Premiership Manager was taking a walk on the farm trying to figure out how he lost against Reading and where €250m spent on players actually went…. He may also have being looking for the local job centre.   Rafa has no problem fertilizing the pitch at Anfield as there is already plenty of shit put out weekly on it.

But seriously the defeat against Reading was embarrassing (at home too!) and should not be something a team of that calibre should fall fowl to.

Former Reds captain Ronnie Whelan says that the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez should go following the shock 2-1 FA Cup defeat to Reading, saying “Liverpool have not been good. They have lost 10 of the last 20 games,”

Benitez has said he is going to continue, even though they are out of the FA CUP, out of the early Champions League, and have a poor Premier League form.

In fairness, the better team won, Shane Longs winning goal was well taken and Liverpool had no defense against it. In fact the keeper didn’t move.

If they fail to win anything this year it will be Liverpool’s fourth successive season, without a cup of any nature.

The latest joke from last night is…
“Rafa is in the bar and is about to buy a few drinks when he is tapped on the shoulder and tole to leave the bar.
He asks why and he is told its because its the fourth round.”

I’d give him 2 weeks at most!

PS: If you are reading this on the blog the title may not make sence but it looked really funny on Facebook!