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I’ve Got the Leaving by Colm and Jim Jim

I heard this the other morning on the Colm and Jim Jim breakfast show on 2FM and I thought it was hilarious.
Its a re-work of the Black Eyes Peas song “I’ve gotta feeling” but for those doing the Leaving Cert.



I pity this years leaving cert students, with the World Cup starting during the Leaving Cert – must be hard to study with such distractions as Facebook, World Cup and of course with the Leaving Cert starting in a few days we can be guaranteed some good weather too!

Best of luck to all sitting this year !

Who will Ireland support in the World Cup?

Who will Ireland support in the World Cup?

The 2FM show, Colm and Jim Jim, are running a poll to see who Ireland will support in the up coming World Cup.
You can select from all 32 teams but have a look at and vote. You will see that if you try vole for France “The Cheating Bastards”, it says ‘Don’t You Dare’.

You can vote for Ivory Coast, since the colours are the same as the Irish flag but backwards or you can vote for the USA since there are a lot of Irish there anyway.

The results should be available on the show tomorrow.

Do not vote for France