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World Cup Score Predictions for Today – 23rd June

Just a quick post today on what I think will happen today in the World Cup Matches.

Looking at yesterdays post, it wasn’t too far off the mark (scores not 100%) but the Win Lose Draw was 3 out of 4. I didn’t think Australia would have won yesterday. Great to see USA topping the group also – England v Germany should be a cracker on Sunday and on last nights performace England have to do a lot better to get past Germany (great goal from Worzel last night – he had his scoring face on last night!)

Todays World Cup match predictions are ….

Paraguay v New Zealand
Would love to see New Zealand win this one and that might just happen. Most probable outcome is a draw or 1 goal.
Putting neck on Line I think New Zealand to win 1-0.

Slovakia v Italy
Easy … Italy 2-0 (Unless they do a France, have a big fight and can’t play for sugar!)

Cameroon v Netherlands
Netherlands are through but I think they will keep the pressure on – probably a Holland win 2-0.

Denmark v Japan
Tough call – Both have weaknesses that the other can exploit … Both need to win to be certain of qualification!
Maybe Denmark to win 1-0.

World Cup Score Predictions – Wednesday June 23rd

Slovenia v England is the big match today. England must win and they probably will have enough to get past Slovenia, if they don’t then heads will roll as they should be up for this game, with all the hype and the past performances being highlighted within the camp. If they are ready, then they could do well today – if not, they may just scrape past Slovenia.

USA v Algeria could have an impact on England should England draw with Slovenia. USA look good so far and seem to have a good game plan. This could be another USA draw but if they keep the concentration and get an early goal they could win by a goal or two.

Australia v Serbia is a tough one to call; Australia have to bounce back after the German Hammering, but need to win today, Serbia might be too much for them. One goal will probably decide this game, most probably in Serbias favour.

Ghana v Germany is (or should be) a no brainer. Germany should have no problem in winning this game, unless they do a France and just fall apart which is 100/1 unlikely. Could be 3 or 4 in this one.

Score Predictions for todays games:

–   Slovenia 0 – 2 England

–   USA 1 – 0 Algeria

–   Australia 0 – 1 Serbia

–   Ghana 0 – 3 Germany

World Cup Organisers will hopefully ban VuVuZelas (Vous Vous Zella)

If you have watched any of the matches in the world cup then you will have heard the annoying dull drone of the VuVuZelas (or Vous Vous Zella as I have seen them being spelled online). Pressure is now growing on the World Cup organisers to ban the use of vuvuzelas following many complaints from top players, TV broadcasters and world cup fans. This dreadful VuVuZelas plastic horn is spoiling the tournament on TV and I am now turning down the volume on the TV as the noise from the VuVuZelas grates on your ears after a while.

The vuvuzelas or VuVuZelas are extremely popular among South African fans, and many teams were warned about the effect of the VuVuZelas on the pitch. Many broadcasters have complained that commentary cannot be heard. France even had the nerve that the vuvuzela was a factor in their poor display in their goalless draw with Uruguay. (not because they played bad or were unable to cheat or handball).

But South Africa call the vuvuzela their “12th man that we need … our weapon”.

If the vuvuzela is not banned coult the psychological influence and noise distraction help then through to the latter stages of the competition?



FIFA Asked to Give Ireland a Place in the World Cup

After the farce of the French Match and the cheating of Thierry Henry the FAI have confirmed that the Republic of Ireland asked for extra 2010 World Cup place.

Sepp Blatter of FIFA will review the Republic of Ireland requested plea saying “I will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee,” which takes place on Wednesday. An emergency meeting of FIFA will take place in Cape Town on Wednesday, two days ahead of the draw for the finals

FIFAs reputation is on the line – as the whole “Fair Play” thing is now worthless, especially since FIFA Fair Play was setup after Diego Maradonas Hand Ball in the 1986 World Cup Finals. Ironic to say the least.

Even More irony cam when Sepp Blatter said … wait for it…. “We must fight cheating”. Well if you want to fight cheating Blatty, then Kick the cheating French out of the World Cup … or did you forget to Sky Plus that one??

If Ireland Get A Reprieve…
If Ireland was granted a place as the 33rd team that would mean that Costa Rica, who also believe they were unfairly denied a place in the finals – this time because of an offside goal from Uruguay – would also have to be put into the World Cup as the 34th Team.

The Henry Argument
In the past few days there have been lots of Anti-FIFA posters and joke emails sent around. Some also against Gillette which both Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods are part of the advertising campaign – going back to cheating etc.

The argument about Thierry Henry will go on for many years – lets hope he doesn’t have a holiday home here. I don’t think he will be stopping off for a pint any time soon.