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The Space Shuttle Endeavour has made its final night time launch from the Kennedy Space Center on the East coast of Florida. The Space Shuttle is now on a 13-day mission to rendezvous with the ISS (International Space Station).

This was the final night launch for NASA , as there are only 4 more space shuttle missions after this one, with all of the remaining shuttle launches taking place in daylight hours.

Now that the Space Shuttle is in orbit, we will once again have a chance to get sightings of the ISS and Space Shuttle over Ireland. If you are up on Tuesday Morning at 6:20am you will see the space station cross the Irish skies and the space shuttle will only be 5 mins behind it crossing Ireland at 6:25am. The next time we see the ISS and Space Shuttle in the Irish skies, they will have docked and it will be a merged ISS+Space Shuttle which will be visible in the skies.

I have uploaded the times of the Space Station and Space Shuttle sightings for early Feb based on Sightings for Waterford, Ireland.

SHUTTLETue Feb 09/06:25 AM23519 above SSW28 above ESE
SHUTTLEWed Feb 10/05:11 AM< 11414 above ESE13 above ESE
SHUTTLEWed Feb 10/06:42 AM35916 above WSW37 above ESE
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