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Since January 2011 I have being running a photography blog on Initially I was updating the site every week or so, but it quickly went to being updated every month. In 2016, I think I updated it only 4-5 times which is a pity. One of the biggest observations has been the way the traffic drops when you don’t update a website often. Whit that in mind, I hope to update the new design a bit more often than in the past.

The content on the site would include photos of places I have been or events I have photographed. The Photography Blog design has changed somewhat since the blog started and I continue to tweak it on an ongoing basis. Only last week I started a major overhaul of the site to try find the optimum style for me. Work is ongoing with this and the photo blog itself still needs some work. I will be reinventing the blog until I am 100% happy with the layout and user experience. To date I am not exactly happy and hopefully you will get to see my photos in the right light in the near future.

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If you want to follow my photography blog on Facebook visit for regular updates. You can also follow @shanesphoto on Twitter and @shanesphoto on Instagram. I constantly post on instagram as I feel it is a great way to show off my work and 500px is also vital to me for my portfolio.

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