Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Farrokh Bulsara was born on Thursday, 5th of September 1946 on African spice island of Zanzibar, to parents Bomi and Jer Bulsara. Today Freddie Mercury would have been 72 years old and would surely have being rocking away, “not bad for 4 aging Queens”.

Today we remember arguably the greatest musical and rock performer who ever lived.

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Happy Birthday Fred !

Freddie Mercury - 68th Birthday - September 5th 1946 : Remembering Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 – Tickets Now On Sale

Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 – Tickets Now On Sale

Freddie Mercury’s birthday party were the still of legend and now you could join in, alas, without Freddie.

The Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 tickets are now on sale!

The party takes place on September 8th 2018 at the Casino Barriere, Montreux, Switzerland. Montreal is the stunning lakeside town of Montreux – the place Freddie loved and felt at peace and where much of the last album was recorded, even when Freddie was not very well. The location is a stones throw from the beautiful Lake Geneva and of course the Freddie Mercury statue which has become a mecca for all Queen fans worldwide.

The party will feature a host of special guests and music. Tickets are £75 each or £95 each for the Ticket and T-shirt Bundle.

You can order your tickets for the Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 now at www.queenonlinestore.com/Mercury-Phoenix-Trust/Tickets/

The Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 is in aid of The Mercury Phoenix Trust – Fighting AIDS Worldwide.

The Full entertainment line up and special guests are still to be announced – but this just adds to the excitement.

Myself, I won’t be going as it is the wrong time of year for me, but hopefully I will get there someday.
If you are going to the Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2018 or you have been to one of the previous Freddie Mercury Birthday Parties, please leave a comment below.

Flash Harry – Queen Tribute Band 

Flash Harry – Queen Tribute Band 

Flash Harry are one of the best Queen Tribute bands. I recently saw them at the Academy in Dublin and they rocked the place. They played Queen hit after Queen hit for over 2 hours. My voice was hoarse from all the singing. Plus, as far as I could see the songs were not transposed for ease of singing – the lead singer was simply “doing a Freddie”!

Flash Harry Upcoming Gigs

If you want to see Flash Harry Queen Tribute, their upcoming Gigs are listed below.

Friday 27th April
DUBLIN – D’Olier Street
Tramline Bar

Saturday 5th May
DUBLIN – Lakeland Park
Terenure College RFC

Saturday 19th May
Freddie For A Day Festival

Saturday 2nd June
Crumlin Road Gaol

Sunday 3rd June
DUBLIN – Leixlip Road
Salmon Leap Inn

Saturday 16th June
BELFAST – Holywood
Park Avenue Hotel, 158 Holywood Road, BT4 1PB

Saturday 30th June
CO. TYRONE – Omagh
Main Street

Friday 27th July
BELFAST – Lisburn
Temple Golf & Country Club, 60 Church Road, BT27 6UP

Saturday 28th July
CO. WATERFORD – Waterford
Ardmore Pattern Festival

Saturday 11th August
DUBLIN – Dun Laoghaire, Monkstown
Purty Kitchen

Saturday 25th August
BELFAST – Jordanstown
Loughshore Festival

The Flash Harry website is at http://www.flash-harry.co.uk/ if you want to learn more.

Photos – The Academy Dublin, 2017

Below, I have some photos from the Flash Harry gig at the Academy in 2017.
(Some harsh lighting but I was shooting without a flash so not to interfere with the show)

Click on an image to view or simply watch the carousel (3 seconds per image)


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Tweet a Celeb about Queen

Tweet a Celeb about Queen

Tweet a Celeb about Queen

This is a new feature I am going to run on an ongoing basis. I will tweet a celeb, ask if they are a queen fan and what their favourite track is. I will then outline on this post who I tweeted and what the reply was.

If you have any suggestions for who to tweet please comment below…

Current Celebs Contacted

Dec 15
Claire Richards

Who wants to live forever! Or under pressure? Or even don’t stop me now?

10th Dec 2016

Replied : Somebody to Love

22 Dec

The Ellen Show

No Response Yet

Dec 20

Matthew Perry

No Reply Yet

December 18

Courtney Cox

No Reply Yet

Dec 17th
No Reply yet

Dec 17th

Matt LeBlanc

No Reply Yet

Dec 16


No Reply Yet

Dec 13th

Joe Bonamassa

No Response Yet

Dec 12th

Taylor Swift

No Reply yet

11th Dec

Katy Perry

No response yet

9th Dec 2016
No reply yet

8th Dec 2016
No reply yet

Ryan Van Poederooyen‏ @rvanpoederooyen    Nov 20 2017
Love Queen. Grew up listening to them as my parents were fans. To answer your question… My fave tune by them is ‘Tie Your Mother Down’.

Jimmy Fallon

No Response Yet

Amazing – Bohemian Rhapsody turned into a noir crime thriller

Amazing – Bohemian Rhapsody turned into a noir crime thriller

Over the years many have asked, What is Bohemian Rhapsody really about? What does Bohemian Rhapsody mean? What is the story behind Bohemian Rhapsody? Well now someone has created a crime drama out of the song.

This amazing short from Corridor Digital brings a brand new perspective on the ‘What is Bohemian Rhapsody about’ saga. This short file takes the lyrics and puts them in the hands of a ‘poor boy from a poor family’ who ‘killed a man’. You know the rest of the story!

Even though I know the lyrics really well, seeing them in this format is intriguing.

Take a look and see what you think. Any comments, leave them below !
(Apologies for weird advert at the end of the film, but is seems to be part of the clip)

What songs do you want to learn?

What songs do you want to learn?

I will soon launch a Learn to Play Queen section on Shane’s Queen Site, so I’m asking visitors to the site the question “What songs do you want featured on this section?”

I am taking a shortlist via comments until the new year and after that I will go from there.

If you want to see a certain song featured on the site, so that you can watch and learn to play on Piano or keyboards, please comment your choice below.

Lets make “These are the Days of our Lives’ the Christmas No. 1

Lets make “These are the Days of our Lives’ the Christmas No. 1

Did you know it is 25 years since the song These are the Days of our Lives was released in the USA on 5th September 1991 – Freddie’s last Birthday as he died only a few weeks later. It was then released as a double A side single on 9th December after Freddie’s death and Bohemian Rhapsody became the first song in history to claim the Christmas number one slot twice (with the same version … Live Aid did it with 2 different recordings). So maybe this year it will be Christmas No. 1.

This year marks 25 years of this great song, 25 years since Freddie’s death and if he was still with us, he would be 70


These are the Days of our Lives – Official Video

Poll – What do you think?


Will you download These are the Days of Our Lives in order to get it to Christmas Number 1?

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Shane Queen Site gets a brand new look

Shane Queen Site gets a brand new look

After a lot of hard work, my Queen site has had a new makeover. The site was originally setup in 1999 as a 4 page static website. Over the next 5 years the site grew to about 20 pages with a few tabs on the site. In 2004 the site got a new server on queen.shanemcdonald.org and it was extended to over 100 pages. Back in those days all the pages were coded by hand, there was no such thing as content management software.

As time went on the site was managed and updated fairly regularly until about 2011 when I updated the site when I could. Then in June 2013 Google started introducing SEO penalties for sites which were not mobile compliant – which mine was not. Therefore I knew I had to update the site.

I started work in May 2016, getting the site architecture mapped out and trying to create a design with worked for the site. I was hoping to launch the side prior to 24th Nov but it would not have looked as well as possible.

I hope you enjoy the new site and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to make a comment or drop me an email.

Thanks for visiting.

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