Flash Harry are one of the best Queen Tribute bands. I recently saw them at the Academy in Dublin and they rocked the place. They played Queen hit after Queen hit for over 2 hours. My voice was hoarse from all the singing. Plus, as far as I could see the songs were not transposed for ease of singing – the lead singer was simply “doing a Freddie”!

Flash Harry Upcoming Gigs

If you want to see Flash Harry Queen Tribute, their upcoming Gigs are listed below.


Friday 28th April
Backstage Theatre

Saturday 29th April
Ardhowen Theatre

Saturday 13th May
Burnavon Theatre

The Flash Harry website is at http://www.flash-harry.co.uk/ if you want to learn more.


Below, I have some photos from the Flash Harry gig at the Academy.
(Some harsh lighting but I was shooting without a flash so not to interfere with the show)

Click on an image to view or simply watch the carousel (3 seconds per image)


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