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Starting a Project 52 Photography project

The concept of Project365 is a way of documenting your life or your photography by taking a photo every day for a year. With the new 5 and 8 MegaPixels camera phones this project365  concept is becoming more popular and images are shared on social networks such as Facebook. I tried Project365 in 2010 and didn’t get far, due to not having the focus or time, to post a unique photo every day. This year I decided to post a Photo per week in Project 52. That way I can maintain some quality within the photos posted rather than just posting any old photo.

What is Project 52?
Every week, for one year (52 weeks), I will be taking a photo and posting it online, at, My PhotoBlog. That is the whole concept of this photography project. It gets you out and about with your camera, taking photos. This continual practice should gradually help you improve your photography.

During Project 52 what do you take photos of?
The Photos will be of anything; whatever I am around or whatever I find interesting.
I will be using a DSLR at all times unless I am travelling when I will be using the iPhone 4S which has an excellent camera.

Week 1 of Project 52
You can see the first post of Proejct52 at by clicking here.


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