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I found out on 9th November that I won the Waterford Arts Festival’s Photographic Competition, with a picture of Waterford by Night which I entered. Won a nice camera too !

The Picture is attached below – maybe I might enter a few more contents of this nature.

Waterford By Night

Waterford By Night

This photos taken from what became a defunct derelict hotel, the Ardree or Air Ri hotel in Waterford. The photo was taken about a year before it closed. If I had my time again I probably would have taken a few exposures from the same spot as some of the highlights are over exposed and also some details would have been nice to preserve. I was delighted to win the Waterford Arts Festival’s Photographic Competition as it was the first competition I had entered a photo to and also it spurred my photography creative juices.

From winning this competition I felt like I could achieve something in photography, even if it was only a small contribution. I later setup my photo blog, Shane McDonald Photography on , which has continued to grow and evolve as i do. I hope you like the photo and please note it is not free to use, if you do wish to use this photo of Waterford City then please visit the Contact Shane section of and drop me an email.

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