Pa Pa Thai, is located on the same spot as Tuk Tuk Thai which was excellent but got demoted in my eyes to a Take Away menu in the Sabai Restaurant, The Mall, Waterford. Pa Pa Thai has the same quality, the same decor, a similar menu and the same great food.

Pa Pa Thai is another of my regular restaurants in Waterford which includes, The Jade Palace, and Eastenders. Early bird menu is available and offers great value at about €20 per person.
Best options are the mixed starter followed by a weeping tiger steak, Thai beef salad, Massoman Curry or Thai green curry (I always ask for mixed curry).

It is rare for a restaurant to have so many ‘good’ options, it is often difficult to choose from the great menu choices.

Whatever you choose will be good. Enjoy!!

Address: Pa Pa Thai, 2 Canada st, Waterford, Waterford City

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