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New Toll Bridge in Waterford is nearing completion, the shot below shows the span has now reached all the way across. Apparently, the local councillors and dignitaries have been driven across New Toll Bridge in Waterford the past month … but this may only be speculation.

New Waterford Bridge Complete

The shot below, taken from about 10 miles away, shows an impressive series of cables and the main tower.
Bridge in Waterford from Co. Kilkenny

The New Toll Bridge in Waterford will link the Granny / Newrath (N9) area directly to the main Cork Road (N25), so traffic going from Kilkenny (N9/N10) to Cork (N25) need not travel through Waterford City. This will mean an easing of traffic along the quays, the mall and Parnell street, as these are usually full with trucks and lorries in rush hour. However the bridge will be tolled, and the toll plaza is setup and built, ready for an opening in the next 12 months. With the Waterford to Knocktopher road to open in advance of this, hopefully by October 2009.

This will really open up business, tourism and also further interest in the south ease and Waterford area, and the new improved road will bring Kilkenny that bit closer, for shoppers from Waterford.

The photos of the New Toll Bridge in Waterford above are also available on my Flickr Profile

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