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Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Piano Chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald : (

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A section of the intro is repeated during the song and is a variation on an F -> C7 sequence.
This sequence will be referred to as piano riff 1.

This piano riff 1, is easily played by playing
an arpeggio of F (F A C F^) and then adding the Bb note during
the end of the phrase.

Introduction : 
F   C7  F   C7   F   C7  F   C7/E   F/D  C   F   C7  F   C7
           F                    Dm
There's no living in my life anymore.
C              *      C       Bb           F
The seas have gone dry    and the rain stopped falling.
F                       Dm
Please don't you cry anymore
Can't you see
Bb            F       Bb            F
Listen to the breeze, whisper to me please
G7                                C7             F (piano riff 1)
Don't send me to the path of nevermo - o - ore.
F                  Dm             C           *      C       Bb       F
Even the valleys below, where the rays of the sun    were so warm and tender
F                       Dm
Now haven't anything to grow
Can't you see
Bb                F
Why did you have to leave me,
Bb          F
Why did you deceive me
You send me to the path of nevermore
A7                        Dm   Bb  Am
When you say you didn't love me anymo - o - ore
Dm  Dm/C
(Ah - Ah)
F       C7  F  (piano riff 1)
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