Guitar Chord of C Major

The chord of C Major is one of the most fundamental guitar chords and along with G, D, A, E, and E Minor it will probably be one of the first guitar chords you will learn.

The E and G strings are not played so just strum across all the strings, or you could pluck each of the strings. Since E and G are in the scale of C there are no worries about playing all of the strings.

The chord of C Major can be a bit tricky to play if you are only learning but I doubt you will get far in playing the guitar if you cannot master this chord, as it is one of the most frequently used along with the chords of G, E, E minor, D and A.

Songs you would use C Major

Something – The Beatles

Crazy Little Thing called Love – Queen

Jingle Bells – Traditional

House of the Rising Sun – The Animals

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