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This was the shock news as Michael Jackson dies in hospital following a heart attack aged 50.

Born on August 29th 1958, Michael Jackson grew up with music, and started in the Jackson 5. As a soloist he shot to fame in the 80s with his hit album “Thriller” and songs like ‘Bad’ and ‘Billy Jean’.

Apparently last evening at around 8:20, paramedics were called to Michael Jacksons residence at Holmby Hills, and found him not breathing and unresponsive. They gave CPR to an unconscious Jackson. He was gravely ill at that point (possibly in a coma) but despite efforts to revive him he died shortly after and was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Centre in LA.

An autopsy will be carried out Friday. Fans in London were to have seen Michael Jackson perform at the O2 on 13th July.

Tour and Health Issues
It had been speculated in the media about 3 weeks ago that Michael had many health problems, including heart issues, most notably this was mentioned on Today FMs Breakfast programme, that Jackson could have health problems prior to the July 13th Show at the O2 in London. Some had questioned the number of shows which he had committed to and there were also worries about his medication and state of mind.

Although Michael had problems with allegations in the late 1990s, the Pop world should remember him as a legendary artist who changed music.

Michael Jackson dies aged 50 – Tributes pour in…
Tributes are already being made; flowers are now being placed on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
– Music Producer Quincy Jones said Jackson had “talent, grace and dedication”… going on to say …” I have lost part of my soul, today, I have lost a little brother”.
– Madonna said “I can’t stop crying over the sad news – the world has lost one of the greats but his music will live forever”.
– Queen Guitarist, Brian May, said, “The world is a more colourful place thanks to Michaels work, he was a truly wonderful performer”.

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