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I just can’t believe that John & Edward beat Lucie … for Christ Sake the two little spiky haired Jedwards are tone deaf.

They talk, not sing. I would rather listen to 2 cats fighting than listen to them. The rendition of Ghostbusters was painful, timing was terrible and the inane chatter (I believe attempts at rapping) during the song was just terrible.

I think Simon Cowell was afraid of the talent that Welsh singer Lucie Jones had, in order to protect his own acts. He said it himself in Xtra-Factor, “I didn’t win last year … I have 3 acts still in the competition”.

Dreadful Dreadful decision … every week Simon Cowell mentioned “This is a talent contest”, yet these really don’t have anything like the level of talent that Lucie had. That girl could really sing – however I think she will have a record deal within a month. You don’t have to win X-Factor to do well.

Terrible Decision – Absolute Boll*cks!

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