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I have a sneaking suspicion that John and Edward will be booted off the X-Factor this week.

There are a few reasons which i think the X-Factor duo of John & Edward won’t make it any further;

  1. Simon Cowell got so much stick for kicking Lucy off last week that he has to bring some credit back to the show.
  2. Lets face if – John & Edward can’t really sing … We will Rock You was brutal!
  3. Dannii Minogue said that she would leave if any of her acts were beaten by Jedward.
  4. Simon Cowell always said people would be judged on their singing and last week he ignored his own comment.
  5. The world and his mother hates the two wailers – That’s why I think John & Edward will be kicked off this week.

I will be very very surprised if John & Edward make it any further than this week on the X-Factor.

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