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It may be jumping on the bandwagon but hey … we all need to vent our fury at whats going on! So feel free to say what ever you want to say to Theirry Henry.

If you want to sign the petition – just comment on the this post below – click here

It will be interesting to see that FIFA and UEFA do about granting this replay… they will need to make a decision before the end of November as the draw for the World Cup Finals is on December 4th

This is an extract from a BBC Sport comment left after the Irish match… “I’m an England fan, but am gutted for the Irish, totally deserved to win that game and it all comes down to one moment in the game where a player cheats in the space of 2 seconds, and ruins 120 minutes of football. It was ridiculous, I used to like Henry, now he is just a disgrace to football, France and himself. …. That was a joke, unlucky Ireland, you were cheated, and hopefully justice will be served.” – Source BBC 606 :

Here’s Hoping !


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