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A TNS/MRBI poll which was published in today’s Irish Times shows that the people of Ireland are not satisfied with the Government’s performance. The public support for the Irish government is at only 11% since May, while 85% are dissatisfied with the government and 4% are undecided. Based on this poll, the general indication is that support for Fianna Fáil is around 17%.

There is a serious possibility of a general election before Christmas there is also a possibility that the Lisbon vote on October 2nd could be another chance for people to vote against the government.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin insisted that the disappointing poll results did not raise questions about the “leadership” of the Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

I have carried out some research of my own on this website in the past few months, asking “Should the leader of the Irish Government step down?”. A whopping 83% said Yes he should resign. This poll ran from March to July 2009.

It is interesting times for the government but their lack of personality and the fact that they appear to be out of touch with the everyday Irish person is alarming.
Prediction : I think an election (or top level resignation) will be announced some time between 5th October and 20th November … based on Lisbon and some other political milestones.

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