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Fianna Fáil and the Green party got what was coming to them, when the people of Ireland stood up and said, enough is enough! The local and European elections became a platform for a referendum on the performance of the Irish “Government”.

Its about time the Irish people voted with their minds and not out of loyalty to a particular party. I hate this “I’m a Fianna Fáil man myself” type attitude. I was delighted to see George Lee getting voted in … a man who is actually qualified to be in power, who knows what he is talking about. The people who are “Minister for x y and z” don’t actually have much in the way of qualifications for these roles. i.e. Minister for Finance should have years of experience in finance and so on.

I hope that the next step will be a General Election and get the farmers out of the Dail and put people who know what they are doing into government.

People of Ireland – Call for a General Election – Now!!