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I recently found out that the site had duplicate content titles and descriptions, as well as about 200 files not found, from the links directory. If you want to ensure that you have constant Google traffic coming to your website, don’t annoy Google, as duplicate content is a big no no.

This may be why the site had a huge drop in Google traffic and Google rankings previously written about on the blog – so I have done the following (if anyone else has had these problems)

  1. Added the links directory to robots.txt so that the outbound links php file is not indexed
    Some of the pages in the links directory are dead links and are therefore not found.
  2. Removed WordPress plugins which created dynamic urls which caused indexing problems
    Also added these directories (the dynamic ones) to robots.txt as they served no real purpose.
  3. Created a New XML Sitemap and submitted that to Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Cleaned up the PHP scripts in the pictures gallery so that there was less chance of having large numbers of duplicated title, description and keywords content
  5. Analysed the error.log file for any pages which may have being causing problems.

Hopefully these steps should help in getting the site’s Google traffic back up…. Heres Hoping!

This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on

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