Flashback – Feile 92 Recovered Photos

Flashback – Feile 92 Recovered Photos

Feile 92 Photos

In 1992 I was at Feile in Thurles after I won a competition on 98 FM. I recently found a collection of old photos which were taken with a Fuji disposable camera which I bought at Feile. The camera was very poor, as you would expect from a disposable camera from 24 years ago.

Below is a select gallery of images from that day. If you spot yourself please leave a comment !

Shane McDonald Photography Blog on Facebook

Shane McDonald Photography Blog on Facebook

Since January 2011 I have being running a photography blog on www.shanemcdonald.me. Initially I was updating the site every week or so, but it quickly went to being updated every month. IN 2016, I think I updated it only 4-5 times.

The content on the site would include photos of places I have been or events I have photographed. The design has changed somewhat since the blog started and I continue to tweak it on an ongoing basis. Only last week I started a major overhaul of the site to try find the optimum style for me. Work is ongoing with this and the photo blog itself still needs some work.

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If you want to follow my photography blog on Facebook visit https://www.facebook.com/ShaneMcDonald.Photography for regular updates. You can also follow @shanesphoto on Twitter and @shanesphoto on Instagram.

Check out the main photography blog at www.shanemcdonald.me

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First Use of the Lee Filters system

First Use of the Lee Filters system

Over the past 7 or 8 years I have experimented with using filters. I started off using very cheap ones I got online for under £10. Those were real rubbish but I could see the potential.

I then upgraded to brand name filters, I won’t name the company as those filters resulted in soft photos and a colour cast on some occasions. They worked to an extend but you could not reply on them.

After doing some research on Twitter (basically asking photographers which filters they used), I found that the Lee Filters system was the one to go for. While I was in London recently I decided to take the plunge. I got the adapter ring for my 24-105 L series lens, the foundation kit holder for the Lee filters and the Lee Filters Big Stopper. The Big Stopper is a whopping 10 stops of a filter, so a 1 second exposure becomes a 16 minute exposure using the Big Stopper.

In the past 24 hours I have tried out the filters and they work really well as you can see yourself below. I hope to post more photos using these filters on my photo website at www.shanemcdonald.me and on my Instagram account www.instagram.com/shanesphoto

Sample Photo using Lee Filters

Photo of Waterford using Lee Filters
Social Media & Photography Sharing

Social Media & Photography Sharing

As you may know I have a photography blog at www.shanemcdonald.me but I also share a lot of this content online via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and only recently the site at 500px which I have been slightly addicted to. I have just posted my Photography Year in Review and look forward to more of the same in 2013.

If you wish to follow any of these I have outlined the social media and social sharing links below.

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