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Expert Pepper Pourers in Restaurants – Rant

Why, when you go to a restaurant can you not put pepper in your own meal?

Your meal arrives, the waiting staff go off and come back with a 3 foot long pepper grinder and ask if you want pepper. What’s the story?

1) Why is the pepper grinder ginormous?

2) Why can you not do it yourself?

3) Do these waiting staff have to do a Post-graduate Masters Degree OR PhD in Pepper Dispensing?

It’s just silly! LEAVE THE PEPPER ON THE TABLE!!!!!

Rant: Boy Racers

I really hate Boy Racers. Crappy cars with bodykits and engine upgrades; greasy haired, baseball cap, doughnut making, immature, gobshites who insist on being noisy and breaking speed limits. What gets me is that there is rarely a cop around when there should be.

In Waterford City they seem to congregate on the outer ring roads at night, sometimes in the northern extension of the industrial park and spend ages screaming tyres.

Sad Bastards really. When you see them poncing around town in a 92 Dihatsu Charade, window down, elbow out the window and blaring crappy dance music. Do they know how stupid they look? Probably not.

Anyway , glad to get that off my chest.


Rant of the Week

I am going to be introducing a new category on the blog called Shanes Rant of the Week !

I am in the process of getting me rants in order and I have my soapbox and Ranting hat all ready … So if you are a banker, politician, boy racer or fall into any other categories which I have issues with “be afraid!”

Rant of the Week – Coming Soon to a blog near you …. (you know I mean this blog !)