Boeing 747 crash is captured on video

Boeing 747 crash is captured on video

This dramatic crash of a Boeing-747 cargo jet was captured as it took off from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on April 29.

The boeing 747 was a cargo jet and was operated by National Air Cargo. The 747 was en-route from Bagram to Dubai.

The take off starts smoothly and then something happens and the aircraft looks like it is struggling, stall-like, and then the aircraft enters an unrecoverable attitude and loses altitude crashing moments later.


An investigation is underway into the crash which occurred shortly after take-off, with observers on the ground saying that a shift in the cargo load of five military vehicles appeared to have taken place.

All 7 onboard the 747 are believed to have died in the crash.

Superstitious Government ditch 13 registration on Cars

Superstitious Government ditch 13 registration on Cars

When I heard this story I thought I was after traveling back in time to the 1850’s!

Apparently it is being reported that the Government is to trying to hide the fact that next year is 2013 and that they are set to bring in a new licence-plate system next year. This is because there are “fears” that a “13” (unlucky for some) registration number would negatively impact on car sales.

The solution according to the Wrath Fearing Triskaidekaphobic boffins, is to MASK the 13 with an extra 1 so you get “131”. This is a fear that has no bearing on anything.

I would gladly but a car in 2013 and it could be 13 W 1313 and I still wouldn’t care. Accidents are caused not by numbers but by speed, carelessness, drink, drugs, failure to drive in line with the road conditions and lack of observation …. not by your number-plate.

How many people were killed on Irish Roads between 2000 and 2012 because of their number-plate?

With the state of the country’s economic situation – this is what our money is being spent on!

Afraid of the Year 13 on Reg plates

Some future plans by the government include ;

  • A ban on all ladders greater than 4.5 feet incase people walk under them
  • Every Irish Citizen must carry a spare ‘pocket’ Magpie, just in case there is only one in front of them
  • All Mirrors sold in Ireland must be Unbreakable …. just in case
  • A Ban on using the number 13 in all Bingo Halls Nationwide and on the National Lottery

Rant over !

Bad driving practices still exist despite penalty points

Despite penalty points being increased and the number of offenses being also added to on a yearly basis, bad driving practices still exist.

In the past week I have observed numerous instances of stupid driving behavior which, if there was a police presence in the area, would have been allocated penalty points.


I see this every day, mostly it’s just 10-15 MPH above the limit, nobody seems to bat a eyelid. Even when you are going the correct speed, those behind you seem to think that the 60mph limit does not apply to them and therefore proceed to flash lights to get you to move in. Lack of enforcement is the issue here and although the speed vans are around, this I feel is not as much of a deterrent as the UK model – i.e. hundreds of static speed cameras plus police enforcement.

Only last week I saw a guy pass me doing about 160 kmh on the M9 and luckily for those on the road the Garda car spotted him at Mullinavat and eventually stopped him when he reached the M9 junction at Waterford.

Seat Belts

I can’t believe how often I have seen this during the week, people driving down the road and then deciding to put-on seat belts while the car is moving. If you look out for this you will be alarmed at how often people are doing this.

Mobile Phone Usage while Driving

Again another one which should be enforced better, I see this all the time, commercial vehicles, taxis, and private car owners, driving and using a mobile phone. I even saw a guy at the M9 Knocktopher junction driving at 120 kmh using an iPad on the steering wheel. Should there be an offense for using a tablet (not technically a mobile phone) while driving?

Anyway, this madness continues despite Operation Slow Down which started on Friday – during which I saw no police enforcement during a 100km drive on Friday, maybe they were elsewhere.

Until Irish drivers get some cop-on our detail toll on the roads will continue to be in the news. 

Mac Flashback Trojan infecting Macs — What is Flashback and How do I remove it?

As a recent Mac convert (having used PC’s for the past 21 years) this story was of interest to me. I was under the impression that Macs were very resilient even impervious to viruses and trojans but it seems this is not the case.

What is the Malware which infects Apple Macs?

The Mac has been promoted as being safer than PCs when it comes to viruses, trojans and other Malware and the Mac continues to grow it’s market share, however this now means that hackers and virus writers are now trying to target Macs in an effort to create larger series of botnets on PCs and Macs. This latest ‘Attack on the Mac’ is the face Flash installer called the Flashback Trojan. The Flashback Trojan is a nasty piece of work , malware, designed to steal personal information by pretending to be the Flash browser plug-ins. A Russian antivirus company called Dr.web estimated that over 600,000 Macs are now infected with the Flashback Trojan Malware as a result of unwitting Mac owners installing the software, all the time thinking it was the Flash plug-in for their browser. Apple haven’t bundled Flash with their mac product for a while now so many people, estimated to be about 6,500 infected macs in Ireland alone.

What happens if I have the Flashback Trojan?

ckily there are ways you can find out if you have the Flashback Trojan infecting your machine. There is also much more information on this malware on CNet which is where I first heard of this. I have tested my Mac and I’m clean thankfully. I still think the Mac blasts the PC out of the water for performance and usability, so I’m undeterred by this increase in targeted Mac viruses and I’m sure Apple will soon release a fix for this via their Software Update program me.

Read the Article about the Flashback Trojan in full with ways to find out if your Mac is Infected : Click here

Have You Paid the 100 Euro Household Charge?

Have You Paid the 100 Euro Household Charge?

With the household charge deadline set as 31st march, NO campaigners asking the government to back down on the contreversial €100 household charge, under 700,000 households have actually paid.

The Household Charge, which they say is going to improve  services in Ireland … many are still unconvinced, saying why should we pay another tax? Have your say on the €100 household charge here…

Are you going to pay the €100 Household charge?

100 Euro note - 100 euro household charge - are you paying the household charge

Paul Baran, creator of the Internet dies aged 84

The person who helped create the internet concept, Paul Baran, has died aged 84.

In 1961, engineer Paul Baran sold a revolutionary communications method called “packet switching” to the U.S. Department of Defense. However he was not the only engineer who worked on the project.

This amazing new comms system became the foundation of Arpanet – a network of interlinked nodes which would keep functioning even if one note was wiped out. This Arpanet went on to become the foundation of the Internet and is still the way your Facebook messages get posted and how e-mails are delivered to your inbox today.

When I first started using the Internet back in 1993, web browsers were relatively new. The first browser I uses was Mosaic and used the Gopher Protocol as there were few good websites which could be accessed via http.

Today we have Internet on everything , phones, laptops, ipods, … LG even have a fridge with an Internet panel. Without Paul Baran we may not have had such a great invention
We pay tribute to him.

Paul Baran (April 29, 1926– March 26, 2011)


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