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The website started in 1999 as an alumni style website for a software development course I did at WIT. The site expanded quickly and some years on much of the content was no longer required; As a result a revamp was done in 2005/2006. At its peak this site got up to 30,000 visitors per day. However, a security breach (due to a dodgy hosting company which I then quickly left) in 2009 resulted in the site being taken down for 6 months resulting in a huge drop in traffic to the site. I moved much of the content to but in mid 2016 I did one final move. is the new home of my site!

The new site is no longer getting that level of traffic but with the move and redesign it is growing again. It turns out that by moving the website using 301 redirects (a tech term for forwarding the location of website addresses), the link juice or Search Engine quality is not passed on. So my search engine optimisation on the site must now start again. It was something I had done from day one but hey, its a new challenge. I’m adding at least one blog post a week, and new features as much as I can. Don’t forget to check out my Queen site and my Photography blog.

The photos which used to reside on the pictures and photo gallery of have been moved onto now… purely for posterity, as the photos are not exactly my best work. At this time I am also transferring my travel articles from and these will reside on the Travel section of this site.

Hopefully you will find some content of interest on the website. Don’t forget to follow @mrshanemcdonald on twitter !



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