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Funny Video – A New Pope

For those who enjoy Star Wars you can’t miss this excellent video I found on YouTube.

This is a parody video called ‘A new Pope’ in the same style as Star Wars, ‘A New Hope’. The video is quite a details parody on the voting in of a New Pope and it tool a bit of editing so well done to whoever ever created this funny Pope related video. Sometimes you come across these videos and you wonder who decided to start, edit and upload this – either way it’s quite humorous, especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

A New Pope – YouTube parody video must watch this one!

I know from editing videos myself that something like this takes time and passion so well done to the creator of this funny little video. I know this is quite an old video as our popes have now moved on to Pope Francis. This video was the former pope who resigned. Either way, it is a bit of fun.

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