Results of the latest #ShanesDailyPoll

Results of the latest #ShanesDailyPoll

I have being running #ShanesDailyPoll on my @mrshanemcdonald Twitter account for the past week. This is a daily poll with a different question each day and here are a selection of the results. If you want to see all the polls follow @mrshanemcdonald or click here.

#ShanesDailyPoll Results

President Trump?

Question : Who do you think will win the US Presidential Election?

I posed the question who did you think would win the US Presidential Election? Thankfully Hilary Clinton won the election on my Twitter poll. Considering Hillary Clinton said that “it is worrying that a man who can be baited by a tweet should be running for the presidency”, hopefully she will win! I feel Trump does not have the qualities a world leader should have, and even President Obama has said he is “unfit to be president”.

  • Hilary Clinton 65%
  • Donald Trump 35%

Sugar Tax

Question : Do you agree with a Sugar Tax, if the money raised goes back into healthcare ?

I was shocked at how high the results were on this one. I think it might be a good idea considering the effects sugar has on the body in relation to the production of fat. The only thing is that it will need to be very well defined and monitored, i.e. will diet drinks be taxed, considering that some artificial sweeteners have the same insulin producing results as sugar. Also where will the tax go and how will it be diverted to health care.

  • Yes 93%
  • No 7%


Question : Do you think Ireland should be 100% smoke-free / tobacco free by 2025?

There are government proposals to make Ireland a smoke free country by 2025. Many smokers feel it is a Nanny-state move. Considering how harmful smoking is to health this is a very important area for all to discuss. Also there are issues regarding littering, as many smokers flick their butts into the street once they are finished with their cigarette (I think technically they should be done for littering  for this).

  • Yes – Smoking is gross 67%
  • No, it is the smokers choice 33%

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Win tickets to Flash Harry at The Academy Dublin

Win tickets to Flash Harry at The Academy Dublin

Sorry The Flash Harry Competition is now Closed !!!

MCD Productions Present Flash Harry, A Celebration of Queen at The Academy Dublin on 17th September.

The Winner of the Flash Harry at the Academy tickets was “Amy Keenan” – thanks to all who entered

Win 2 Tickets to Flash Harry at The Academy Dublin

Simply Share this post via the Share-bar to be in the draw.

The Share-bar is normally to the left on desktop. On mobile is it on the bottom of the screen and shows Facebook and Twitter icons

For an extra chance of winning, leave a comment with your favourite Queen song below.

Winners will be notified by 5th September (Freddie Mercury’s Birthday coincidentally). The winners must be available to attend the concert at The Academy Dublin on 17th September.


About Flash Harry

Flash Harry presents a show that embraces the very essence of live music, talent, energy, passion and pure showmanship. Audiences will see the band rocking out Queen’s greatest hits. These include hits like One Vision, Radio Ga Ga, We Are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody and more.

The band Flash Harry has been celebrating the music of Queen for over 20 years. I myself am a huge Queen fan and envy Stevie Prosser’s job as keyboard player. I myself can play any Queen song and I would be listening closely to the musicians. I saw these guys a few years ago in the Forum Waterford and they were very accurate. Their sounds was very good in the way the songs were delivered.

These guys have sold out major venues time after time, including Belfast’s Grand Opera House, Waterfront Hall, Dublin’s O2, and even the Royal Albert Hall in London. Their own-style “The Magic of Queen – Rocked Up and Classical” show, incorporating a 64-piece orchestra and 40-voice choir, filled one of the biggest venues in Ireland, Belfast’s Odyssey Arena, to capacity on three separate occasions, earning the guys their place in Irish Rock Music legend.

After an amazing non-stop 20 years delivering unforgettable shows in top notch venues, the reason for Flash Harry’s success is simple, it’s a show of hit after hit, delivered with the very essence of live performance: energy, enthusiasm, talent, passion and pure showmanship.

Flash Harry are five musicians who love to perform. It is not about recreating the exact sights or sound of Queen; it’s about creating the excitement, energy and spectacle of a live show, but they capture the essence of Queen very well. The audience feeds off the performance just as much as the band. It is the catalogues of songs that are the real stars of this show and they are performed with total love for the music by a band guaranteed to deliver

The music of Queen is universal in its appeal, and has been the sound track of the last 40 years. Rarely will a show reach across generations and deliver as much as Flash Harry – a celebration of Queen. If you are a Queen fan I highly recommend you see Flash Harry at The Academy Dublin on 17th September 2016.

Flash Harry are:
Stevie Boyd – Guitar and vocals
John ‘Click’ Cleland – Bass guitar and vocals
Harry Hamilton – Lead vocals
Stevie Prosser – Keyboards and vocals
Stevie Shanks – Drums

Win Tickets to Flash Harry at The Academy Dublin

Buy Tickets - Flash Harry at The Academy

Tickets to Flash Harry – A Celebration of Queen at The Academy Dublin – €28.
On sale now from

Jason Bourne, 2016 – Film Review

Jason Bourne, 2016 – Film Review

I have always enjoyed the Bourne films and with the last film lacking Matt Damon, I was not sure if this film was being made for the right reasons. The story picks up from the last film which Matt Damon stars in. If you have not seen the other films you are not at too much of a disadvantage. Jason Bourne has dropped off the map and the authorities think he is dead.

Basically, Jason Bourne, played my Damon, has remembered more about his past. The whole espionage backstory is very reminiscent of Edward Snowden and is very technology driven. A hacker discovers more about Bourne’s past and passes the information on to him. The rest of the story documents Bourne’s discovery into how deep this project goes both internally and personally.

From about 10 minutes in there are some incredible chases, mainly on motorcycle, on the streets of Athens. They track his every move in an effort to neutralise the threat of exposure.

The film globetrotter from country to country including Iceland, Greece, Germany, UK and of course USA. (In one scene in the UK, the film is shot near Paddington in an area I walked through in April just gone – that scene is very good.)

Tommy Lee Jones plays his role very well, in his typical style, as the CIA director. For me one of the best cast was Vincent Cassel who plays ‘The Asset’. This guy is only out to get rid of Bourne due to past history between the two. Surprisingly enough Matt Damon only has a few lines during the film in comparison to some of the others, but the action surely keep you glued to the screen.

One of the most amazing scenes is the car chase through the streets of Las Vegas, in which the Aria hotel gets a lot of exposure. Many no-claims bonuses list during that chase.

Overall it is a riveting film with plenty of tense, chase and pursuit scenes. The only negativewas the constant flashbacks, which I feel there was no need for that many. Not perfect but a highly entertaining film and the end points to another Bourne film to follow.

Duration Time 2:15

  • Action 95%
  • Storyline 83%
  • Effects 90%
  • Overall 85%