Shane McDonald Photography Blog on Facebook

Shane McDonald Photography Blog on Facebook

Since January 2011 I have being running a photography blog on Every week or so (probably less in recent months) I post a few recent photos. These may be of pleaces I have been or events I have photographed. The design has changed somewhat since the blog started and I continue to tweak it on an ongoing basis.

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If you want to follow my photography blog on Facebook visit for regular updates. You can also follow @shanesphoto on Twitter and Instagram.

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Simple Tip for better WordPress SEO ?

Simple Tip for better WordPress SEO ?

I just learned of something which might be hampering your attempts to get good levels of traffic to your site if you are using WordPress.

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can add a category or two to your post. It turns out that listing your blog post under more than one category might be considered as duplicate content in Googles eyes and your site may be penalised.

I will be posting under only 1 category for a while to see if this helps with the site traffic / SEO on the site.

Any comments – please add them below to discuss the search tricks you use for WordPress SEO

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