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Are you getting good service from companies in Ireland?

With the recession it seems that certain businesses are reducing levels of service in order to save costs.

The boom is over and prices have fallen, but have levels of service also been reduced – getting poor service is something which is creeping in here in there.

From Restaurants and Bars to Travel Services and the general Service industry. I have seen many examples in the past year where I feel that service just was not up to scratch … not going to name any places (just yet) , but I’m just wondering if I’m alone. In one establishment, I held out my hand to get change and while looking me in the eye, the girl at the till plonked the coins onto the counter, another incident involved going to a till and the cashier just saying “20” … not “Thats €20 please”, just “20” – no please and when I was finished, no thank you.
Small things but I haven’t returned there!

Website Traffic during World Cup – Top Stories and Keywords

Now that the World Cup is over, I’ve been looking at the website stats for my website. Overall, the World Cup saw an almost 200% increase in web traffic as people searched for match information and also running commentary of games in progress.

For the duration of the World Cup, June 12th to July 12th I had 63,100 Visitors to the site and 126,900 pages viewed. So for this year there have been 394,000 visitors to the site and over 854,000 page views generated – and hopefully there should be a quarter of a million visitors to the site, and 1,600,000 page views by the end of the year.

During the last month I would have thought World Cup topics would overtake other search terms on the site but not necessarily.

The top queries to this site were as follows – the keywords are linked if you want to read the actual sections they refer to.

Top 5 Referring Search Queries
4g iphone release date ireland / 4g iphone release date england / 4g iphone release date netherlands
keyboard chords list / basic keyboard chords / easy piano chords
guitar chords list / guitar minor and major chords
queen discography
reading music for beginners

There were also some news items or local events which showed.

Top Search Queries in the News
carlow to kilkenny motorway opening time / m9 kilkenny opening date
iphone signal calculation
vou vou zela / vous vous zela

It seems that the popularity of the iPhone is mapped likewise onto the web and it shows how many people are  searching for iPhone related items. With the iPhone 4G being released this month in Ireland and UK websites which have iPhone related information will see a rise in traffic.